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Pelosi, Democrats Admit Trump Can’t — And Won’t — Be Impeached

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Once again, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has dumped a bucket of cold water on the idea of impeaching President Trump.

The Trump Deranged began calling for Trump to be impeached before he became the nominee of the Republican Party. But since January when the Democrats took over the House, the miasma wafting out of the fever swamps of the Left has grown even more intense.

Younger Democrats with no experience in real politics immediately began loud rhapsodizing about impeachment. The howls were nearly erotic. Even some veteran House members who know better began murmuring about taking down The Donald.

But then there’s Party Pooper Pelosi, whose leftism is exceeded only by her grasp of reality. The House is not going to impeach the president.

Post Interview
During an interview with the friendly Washington Post, Pelosi poo-pooed the idea once again, as she did the day after Democrats took control of the House.

“There have been increasing calls, including from some of your members, for impeachment of the president,” the Post’s reporter stated.

“I’m not for impeachment,” she replied. “This is news. I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before. But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”

In other words, Pelosi is worried that Special Counsel Robert Mueller can’t get the goods on Trump.

But the Post asked again after pitching a few other softballs at the elderly lady from San Francisco.

Post: You said earlier you don’t feel it’s worth it to pursue impeachment. Do you believe he’s fit to be president? Are we talking ethically? Intellectually? Politically? What are we talking here?

Pelosi: All — All of the above. No. No. I don’t think he is. I mean, ethically unfit. Intellectually unfit. Curiosity-wise unfit. No, I don’t think he’s fit to be president of the United States.

So, although Trump is “unfit,” Pelosi repeated what she said a few months ago. No impeachment. Why? Because, she told PBS’s News Hour, an impeachment move “would have to be bipartisan and the evidence would have to be so conclusive.”

Nothing has changed since then.

Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), chief of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, agrees, the Associated Press reported. Aside from Congress, meaning Democrats, having “to do our homework,” impeachment must “be a bipartisan effort, and right now it’s not there.”

Reality check: Even if Democrats mustered the votes to impeach Trump in the House, they would face a trial in the Senate. Conviction would be well-nigh impossible.

In other words, Cummings said, “this matter will only be resolved at the polls.”

Tlaib Rejected
But doing their homework isn’t the only worry some Democrats have. They don’t believe they have a case.

Despite discussing it at length, Representative Jerry Nadler of New York, head of the House Judiciary Committee, has said impeachment can’t proceed without strong evidence, Politico reported, and Representative Jerry Connolly of Virginia, who sits on Cummings’ committee, explained a basic point of law for the webzine: “You still have to prove it. You have to make a case. You don’t begin by declaring someone guilty and then fill in the blanks.”

Even immigrant-members of Congress understand that truth. “The thing that hurts is there are a lot of people who have already decided he is a criminal,” Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal of Washington told Politico. “And sometimes I feel like that’s been normalized a little bit.”

Thus, Democrats with a little experience are resisting the rush to do something stupid they know will work in Trump’s favor. They’re rejecting young members ready to start the firing squads, not least the Muslim, Israel-hating crackpot Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.).

On arriving in Washington, D.C., Tlaib apparently thought she and her pal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a few other hard-left women were going to run the show. Thus did she announce that “we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf***er.” Tlaib says she will introduce articles of impeachment.

Well, no, she won’t. Because, as Pelosi put it, “he’s just not worth it.”

Which is code for “it can’t be done.”

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