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Booker: GOP Policies “Literally” Kill People

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Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker (shown), who announced his run for the White House by saying he won’t “tear people down” during the campaign, said Republicans will kill people.

Senator Booker told Jon Favreau, one of the hosts of the leftist Pod Save America program and a former speechwriter for President Obama, that the mass killing will be accomplished with nefarious policies Booker opposes. Republicans also threaten minority rights, he suggested.

The man who can stop them? Why Cory Booker, of course.

Roll Back Coming

Booker told Favreau that Senate Republicans’ using rules Democrats exploited during the halcyon days of Obama is an “erosion” that “has allowed this [Republican] party to do awful things, Trump tax cut, for example.”

In his mind, tax cuts are bad, of course, but it was in explaining why he now wants to scrap the Senate rule requiring 60 votes to pass a bill that he postulated his theory that continued Republican control of the country could well end in killings.

Booker had opposed changing that rule, as the Washington Free Beacon reported, and even after admitting he would do so now, said Republicans could use it to kill his constituents.

To people on both sides, we are heading that way. You hear Trump calling for the end of the filibuster rule, and I understand that if I am the commander-in-chief, the president of the United States fighting a tactical battle, that that is something that is — we are moving toward. But understand my perspective on this, which comes from decades of living in one of the most vulnerable communities in the country. And if Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump for the last two years, had complete sway, they wouldn’t have just changed policy, which is nice, they would have hurt people in my community, literally doing policies that could cause people’s death. When we had a Republican governor in the state of New Jersey, just something like attacking Planned Parenthood, for women in my community who rely on that Planned Parenthood for their health care.

Actually, women do not “rely on Planned Parenthood for their health care,” but that whopper aside, Booker then said evil Republicans threaten minoirity rights:

I know that these policies that people debate — I love when people of privilege say, “Oh, that doesn't make a difference if I vote or not.” I say, “Come to my neighborhood, and see if the outcomes of elections don't make a difference.” And to give those three men absolute power to do anything they want, having lived my life as a minority, I like minority rights. And so, so I will balance that against — and I know, because I’ve had this conversation, you fire a lot of people up on your podcast who come to me, and make very real — no, not very evangelical arguments — very practical arguments. So I’m going to tell you that for me that door is not closed.

Unresolved Accusation

That sly accusation aside, when Booker appeared on ABC’s The View to announce his run, he told Joy Behar and her coven that “I’m not in this race to tear people down.” Minutes later, he accused Trump of “moral vandalism.” And now, with his claims that Republican policies will “literally kill people” and that Trump is a “brilliant marketer” who “put the best Carnival barkers to shame,” Booker may be hoping voters forget his promise, “I’m not in this race to tear people down.”

But tearing people down might be the least of Booker’s concerns. Still unresolved is an anonymous homosexual man’s unsubstantiated claim that Booker accosted him in a bathroom.

Booker, the man said, was visiting his workplace in 2014. Impressed with Booker because of his zeal for the homosexual cause, the man was thrilled to meet the newly-minted senator. Booker, he said, accosted him in the bathroom and tried to force him to perform oral sex.

The accusation needs a full investigation not just because we must believe such survivors of sex assault, we are told, but because Booker played a loud, obnoxious role in the confirmation hearings of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was falsely accused of sexual assault and other carnal crimes.

Booker called Kavanaugh’s first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, “heroic” for peddling allegations that her own witnesses, the prosecutor hired by the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded, “refuted” and “failed to corroborate.”

Photo of Sen. Cory Booker: AP Images

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