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Citing “Equality” Act, Black Pastor Warns That Congressional Black Caucus and NAACP Are “More Dangerous Than KKK”

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Blasting the so-called “Equality Act” moving its way through Congress with the support of every single member of the Congressional Black Caucus, a prominent Black pastor from the D.C. area warned that the CBC “has become more dangerous to African Americans than the KKK.” Reverend Dr. Randy Lancaster-Short (shown) also slammed the NAACP. Among other concerns, he pointed to the organization's support for the anti-Christian “Equality Act” (HR 5) and other policies harmful to Black Americans such as abortion, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, amnesty, and so on. That makes the NAACP “a greater existential threat to the survival of Blacks than the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazis, rogue cops, and assorted racial terrorists past or present,” he warned.

Especially outrageous to Dr. Short and other Black leaders and ministers is the effort of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) movement to hijack the cause of “civil rights” to enshrine the LGBT agenda into law. And the “Equality Act,” introduced this month by Democrats in Congress, does exactly that, painting a giant target on the backs of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other people of faith. And even more problematic for Dr. Short and other leaders in the black community are efforts by the far-left Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP to facilitate that process. Indeed, every single member of the CBC has endorsed the Equality Act. And the NAACP officially jumped on the bandwagon as well.


In response to the onslaught against Christians and others, Rev. Short and other biblically minded pastors from various denominations joined forces to create the Gone 2 Far Movement. The interracial and interfaith body of clergy and laity, committed to being true to Biblical principles, said it was “aghast” at the legislative agenda of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — and the LGBT “Equality” Act in particular. Dr. Short, who serves as the political chair for the movement, expressed horror and outrage at the effort to equate sexual proclivities and gender confusion with the immutable characteristics such as race that were originally protected under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

“The Equality Act poses a direct threat to religious freedom and the dignity of Blacks and women by blending the immutability of sex and race with radical LGBTQ theories,” the Gone 2 Far Movement and Pastor Stephen Broden, another Black leader, said in a recent press release. The alliance warned that, if passed, the controversial measure “will create a dangerous legal precedent creating social chaos and legal loopholes permitting reverse discrimination.” Also problematic is that “it has the potential to establish legal protections for previously illegal sexual practices and conduct,” the alliance of pastors and religious leaders explained, echoing warnings from others that it could even protect pedophilia. 

In a statement to The New American, Dr. Short, who is working to make black churches aware of the legislation, noted that the Equality Act “will criminalize the Christian faith and deny religious belief as a justification for not complying with the Gay Equality Act.” Americans would also no longer be able to refuse to hire people unsuited for their churches, with even “minor-attracted persons,” also known as pedophiles, potentially being protected under the scheme, according to critics. The abolition of sex-segregated areas such as bathrooms is another key concern. And not marrying homosexuals or others could make pastors and churches a target of the federal government, Short warned. Church schools could be forced to teach pro-LGBT ideas, too.

But the “foulest” and “most despicable aspect” of it all is the “effort of radical homosexuals to hijack the Civil Rights Legacy of Blacks,” with the support of self-proclaimed black leaders, Short said. The “Equality Act,” which will unleash federal persecution against Christians, “portends as great a peril to the American family, religious liberties, small businesses, women’s rights, children’s rights, and the rights of Black Americans as the iceberg that impaled the Titanic in 1912,” he added, calling the legislation “anti-family, pro-pedophilia, and anti-Christian.”

“The Civil Rights Movement of African Americans has nothing to do with the sexuality dysphoria and hedonistic fetishes and sexual chaos of the LGBTQ jihadis,” he said. “My adopted grandmother Irene Morgan, who won the first Supreme Court case that declared Jim Crow Separate But Equal unconstitutional in March 1946, did not refuse to give up her seat on account of her sexuality. In fact, she was not favorable toward the LGBTQ movement. My movement aunt SNCC veteran Colia Clark, who was the personal assistant to Medgar Evers in the late 1950s and early 1960s, did not co-organize the Selma Project in 1965 because of her sexuality. My distant cousin Emmitt Till was not murdered 64 years ago because of his sexuality. Both my paternal grandfather fled North Carolina and my Garveyite maternal great-grandfather left Georgia to escape lynching because of their immutable skin color — not their sexuality.”

Dr. Short lambasted the authors of the controversial bill as “cynically racist culture-legacy appropriationists.” By re-introducing the Equality Act, Short said, the Democrats “resumed the long march of the Homosexual Political Complex to undermine the sacred traditional values of the American Republic; destroy civil and religious liberties; collectively libel, exploit, defraud and defame protected minorities; poison and glut our legal system with oxymoronic suits; diminish our faith-based charitable and philanthropic institutions; imposed frivolous and wasteful regulations on businesses; create havoc in families and schools; and crystallize unscientific sexuality theories that invent sexes other than male and female.”

Short added that the legislation was “an obsessive-compulsive over-reach” by homosexuals who “cannot accept the reality that most Americans are neither homosexual nor subscribe to their belief that homosexuality is equal if not superior to heterosexuality.” And so, a radical fringe among homosexuals is waging a “full-spectrum jihad to impose their mores, values, ideas, practices, and subculture on the majority of society by cloaking their endeavor as being a struggle for justice akin to the long battle for Blacks and women to secure full rights in the United States.” Now, with a “shared fetish” in the Democrat Party, they are trying to seduce Black American leaders in an “unholy alliance” that “trammels” on the conservative values of Black Americans and the struggle for justice.

However, as word spreads, consequences are coming. Among other tactics, Dr. Short and his allies are working to educate the Black community about the fact that the entire Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is supporting the Equality Act. Indeed, Short told The New American that the CBC “has become more dangerous to African Americans than the KKK.” And “the Democratic Party’s decision to force H.R. 5 down the throats of Black people will implode the one-party loyalty of African Americans to the Democrats,” he added, noting that the legislation is now being regularly referred to as the “Pedophile Amnesty Bill” by critics. The eroding loyalty of black Americans to the Democratic Party will contribute to a “landslide victory” for Trump in 2020, he said.   

It is not just the Congressional Black Caucus that has betrayed Black Americans with this legislation, though, Short said. Another key player is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which styles itself America's “oldest African-American civil rights organization,” which threw its full support behind the LGBT Equality Act. “We support what it does — and we support it now,” NAACP D.C. Bureau Director Hilary Shelton told NBC News after the measure was introduced in Congress. “It’s important that it gets through.” In short, the group supports adding in “sexual orientation and gender identity” into the Civil Rights Act, thereby equating homosexuality and gender confusion with being black.

That has Short and other Black leaders outraged. “In as much as the NAACP has long-since been depleted of any relevance to the lives of most Black Americans, the statement released to the press was just another nail in the coffin of a group that few people respect or wish to buy a membership in,” Short told The New American in an e-mail. “The NAACP has always been a group that has been more interested in the concerns of those that fund it than the needs of the 'colored people' it professes want to advance.” Indeed, NAACP leaders have “betrayed legitimate Black leadership” while undermining genuine programs for empowerment and liberation of Black Americans and other minorities, the scholar and Christian minister explained.

“For 50 years, the NAACP, along with the Leadership Conference, has been a dedicated partner in promoting the homosexual movement and its objectives while deliberately working to undermine the legitimate concerns of African Americans,” Short continued. “In a nutshell, the NAACP’s championing the Gay Equality Act (and other policies deleterious to the well-being to African Americans i.e. abortion, illegal migration, sanctuary cities, and DACA) makes it a greater existential threat to the survival of Blacks than the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazis, rogue cops, and assorted racial terrorists past or present.”

Using even harsher language, Rev. Short said the “NAACP is and always has been a pathological tangle of eleemosynary dependence, a crippled body trapped by aggressive caste-like disdain for poorer darker-skinned Blacks, a low-budget partisan harlot in a vile tryst with Democratic Party, an anti-intellectual collection of anti-social pathological liars and confabulating con men, led by morally compromised, mediocre, corrupt, and hedonistic leaders who obsessively fixate on superficial and cosmetic symbols of imagined racial progress they failed to achieve decades ago.”

And indeed, he did not mince words in describing NAACP and CBC leaders as traitors to their own constituencies. “The NAACP’s approval of the Gay Equality Act will benefit only elitist Blacks like Hillary Shelton, John Lewis, and Barak Obama, and if this vulgar sexuality dystopian law unleashes the hounds of hell on the majority of low-income Blacks matters this nothing to selfish and narcissistic bourgeois Negroes,” he said. “The Anglo-American patriots had Benedict Arnold. During World War II, Norwegians suffered under the rule of Vidkun Quisling, and, similarly, the French endured the Vichy government run Marshal Petain and Pierre Laval, and, today, African Americans chafe under the amoral, cynical, and  short-sighted ethnic treason of people like Derrick Johnson and Hillary Shelton who are as invidious as aforementioned personalities.”

Dr. Short also targeted what he described as “Black Republicans In Name Only” (BRINOs) — self-styled Black Republicans who have not properly stood up for conservatism and President Trump — for either jumping on the LGBT bandwagon or at least failing to forcefully speak out against it. “The Democrats need 91 percent of the Black vote with a turnout above 60 percent to have a reasonable chance to win in 2020,” he said, calling on self-proclaimed black conservative leaders to go out and help expose the Equality Act in the black community. “Blacks out vote Asians, Latinos, and 'others' by a margin greater than three-to-one. Therefore, any true Black Republicans would be working to help recruit at least 15 percent of the Black voters to defect from the Democrats to help the GOP win.”

“The arrogance of the Democratic Party to try to conflate pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, and sodomy with Blackness is beyond racist and disgusting,” he added. “It is a dare to Blacks to leave the Democrats because nobody else wants their votes.”    

Separately, high-profile black activist Larry Pinkney, a former member of the Black Panther Party and later chairman of the Black National Independence Party, also did not mince words. Speaking to The New American, he encouraged people "to mince no words in describing what the so-called 'Equality Act' is really all about, and how utterly devastating it is to families and communities in general, and most especially Black families and communities."

Along with Dr. Short, the Gone 2 Far Movement alliance brings together a number of other influential pastors and reverends including Rev. Stephen Broden of Dallas, Texas, Rev. Paul Blair of Oklahoma, Rev. Stephen Black, Rev. Peter La Barbara, Rev. Scott Lively, Rev. Dan Fisher, and more. Many top Christian leaders from D.C., Virginia, and Maryland have thrown their support behind the alliance, too. While the group originally formed to resist Amazon's antics, the movement also joined forces to expose and stop the “Equality” Act in the last Congress. With sexual revolutionaries increasingly claiming that being attracted to children is just another “sexual orientation,” among the major concerns of the Gone 2 Far movement is that the bill could result in the backdoor legalization and normalization of pedophilia.

The bill is so radical and extreme that even some Democrats such as Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and homosexual activists such as Gregory Angelo, former leader of the homosexual “Log Cabin Republicans,” are opposed to it. “Don’t be fooled by the name: The Equality Act is legislation that would compromise American civil rights and religious liberty as we know it,” wrote Angelo in a piece for the Washington Examiner. “All reasonable Americans, especially gay Americans who support pluralism and tolerance, should oppose it.” The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and a broad array of Evangelical Christian organizations are also lining up to oppose it.

Right now, the House bill has nearly 240 co-sponsors, more than enough to pass that chamber easily. In the Senate, the legislation almost has majority support already. President Trump has not said whether or not he would sign it if it reaches his desk. Over 100 top American companies including Google have announced support for the measure. But opponents of the legislation are urging all Americans to contact their elected representatives right away, and to warn others about the dangers of declaring traditional values to be “discriminatory.” The future of free speech, freedom of association, and religious liberty hangs in the balance.

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, regularly attends UN climate summits, including the COP21 in Paris. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or through Liberty Sentinel Media. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

Photo of Reverend Dr. Randy Lancaster-Short: Gone 2 Far Movement

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