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Dems Raise Trans “Pride” Flags, Take Down POW/MIA Flags

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Not content with tearing down statues, traditions, and Christian symbols, some Democrats have now taken down POW/MIA flags from in front of their Capitol Hill offices — and have replaced them with the “Transgender Equality flag,” according to Fox News.

Fox writes that this was done “to commemorate ‘Trans Visibility Week’” (Visibility? Men in dresses don’t exactly blend into a crowd. Also note here that “transgender” isn’t a legitimate medical term but is a political one; it refers to a MUSS, a Made-up Sexual Status.)

“The move reportedly came at the behest of the ‘National Center for Transgender Equality,” reports Fox. “The group tweeted Tuesday that it had delivered the flags to every member of Congress — even Republicans — with the request that they be flown outside their offices.”

The site continued, “Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., tweeted a photo of his office with the transgender flag displayed, writing: ‘Discrimination has no place in our society.’” Funny, though: He discriminated among the flags, and against the POW/MIA flags, when deciding to display the MUSS one.

Socialist Sanders and other leftists also discriminate when deciding to trumpet certain special-interest groups (the MUSS lobby, Muslims, feminists, etc.) and not others. “Discrimination” simply references the process of choosing one or some from among many. It’s an unavoidable practice we all engage in continually.

Sanders also wrote, “I am proud to display this flag as a symbol of my support for transgender people across the country. We must stand with transgender people in all of our community.”

Interestingly, this wasn’t a priority of the Soviets Sanders partied with decades ago; in fact, those old-line Marxists would put MUSS individuals in institutions (or worse).

This leftist inconsistency is, again, also exhibited with “discrimination,” which has become a buzzword and propaganda term. It’s not applied to all discrimination — just the variety the Left doesn’t happen to like. Having “no whites allowed” “safe spaces” or political events is fine, for instance.

After mentioning some other Democrats flying the MUSS flag, Fox informed that the “displays coincide with the House’s rebuke on Thursday to President Trump’s move to ban transgender people from serving in the military. A non-binding resolution opposing the ban passed 238-185, nearly along party lines.”

The Trump administration’s policy bars people who have undergone misnamed “gender transition from enlisting and requires military personnel to serve as their biological gender,” Fox also tells us.

Note here that “gender” was until relatively recently a term almost exclusively applied to grammar; if Fox means “sex,” however, then the “biological” variety is the only kind there is. Saying otherwise is much like speaking of a person’s “biological species” and “perceived species”; if you’re a man with what psychobabblers call “species dysphoria” and think you’re a ferret, it may be “how you identify” — but it’s also a mental problem.

Now, is it any different with “gender dysphoria,” the belief that you’re really a member of the opposite sex stuck in the wrong body?

Nonetheless, Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) “said the [Trump] policy amounted to ‘targeted discrimination,’” Fox further relates. “Armed Services Chair Adam Smith, D-Wash., said the Trump policy is ‘primarily based on ignorance and bias against the transgender community.’”

Ignorance? Let’s talk about ignorance — and bias. “Targeted discrimination” is an intensified propaganda term. The military engages in such all the time, when, for instance, excluding from service those with persistent anemia, severe ingrown toenails, clubfoot, night blindness, “allergic manifestations,” paraphilias (abnormal sexual desires), and the 100-plus other conditions listed here. So in choosing what targeted discrimination to complain about, the congressman is obviously engaging in bias-driven targeted discrimination.

Aside from the POW/MIA flags, what’s missing in action here is rationality. As I’ve oft explained, there’s a good reason why Australian Alan Finch, who once claimed a MUSS, said in 2004 that you “fundamentally can’t change sex. …Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists”: There’s no good science behind the MUSS agenda.

There is no blood-chemistry, genetic, or brain-scan test, no medical test at all, to show that a “gender dysphoric” individual suffers from a biological condition (as is MUSS activists’ claim) and not, as the default assumption always held, a psychological condition — and a severe one at that.

Yet in this political agenda’s name, civilization destroyers aim to completely reorder society and convince people that “male” and “female” aren’t biological realities but are oppressive labels representing mere points on a “gender spectrum.” Tragically, even children in school are brainwashed with this now.

The result? Normal children — the vast majority — in some schools have been forced into “sensitivity training” in deference to one MUSS student; kids have come home upset, worried that they were going to transform into the opposite sex; and youths are told that a psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually dangerous abnormality is just a “lifestyle choice” that may be right for them.

“Problem is,” as The New American’s R. Cort Kirkwood wrote Friday, “the kids who believe the fantasy are mentally ill and routinely disappear from the school roster when parents finally call in the skull doctors.” In fact, MUSS people, messed up further by psychiatrists and then often by genitalia-mutilating surgeons, have a staggeringly high suicide rate — even in MUSS-agenda friendly nation Sweden.

Thus, MUSS-agenda supporting politicians are complicit in child abuse, and they’re destroying our civilization from within. The institution they should occupy isn’t the United States House or Senate.

Photo of transgender flag at Sen. Sanders’ office: Senator Bernie Sanders/Facebook

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