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Biden Still the Man to Beat in Democratic Race; Bill Weld Announces GOP Candidacy

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A recent poll from the Emerson organization puts communist apologist Bernie Sanders on top of Joe Biden as the leading Democratic presidential candidate, while Pete Buttigieg, the gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, comes in third.

But the problem for both men is this: other numbers.

The overall polling data from Real Clear Politics show that most Democrats overwhelmingly favor Biden over the Sanders and Buttigieg, and indeed favor him over other candidates such as Beto O’Rourke, the Irishman with the phony Hispanic name, and Kamala Harris, who publicly professed her love for what is called ganja in her Jamaican father’s homeland.

So Sanders is still in second place, and Buttigieg is in fifth place behind the largely forgotten fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren.

Emerson Poll
Emerson polled Democratic voters for three days last week. Sanders came out on top with 29 percent, while Biden landed at 24. Buttigieg took nine percent, followed by O’Rourke and Harris at eight and Warren at seven. The others aren’t worth mentioning.

“While still early in the nominating process,” Emerson poll chief Spender Kimball said, “it looks like Mayor Pete is the candidate capturing voters’ imagination; the numbers had him at 0% in mid-February, 3% in March and now at 9% in April.”

Meanwhile, “Biden has seen his support drop. In February, he led Sanders 27% to 17%, and in March the two were tied at 26%. Now, Sanders has a 5 point lead, 29% to 24%.”

Emerson predicted that Sanders would get 31 percent of Biden’s voters if he decides not to run, while Buttigieg would get 17 percent. O’Rourke would get 13 percent.

Emerson also reported that Biden is still the strongest candidate against President Trump. The former vice president, under fire for his behavior toward women, beats Trump 53 percent to 47 percent, while Sanders prevails 51-48.

O’Rourke beats Trump 51-49, Emerson reported, while the rest of the Democrats lose. Buttigieg loses to Trump 49-51.

Other Data
All that might be true, but the RCP polling average shows Biden a wide 9.3 points ahead of Sanders, 31 percent to 21.7. His closest competitor after Sanders is the man who fantasized about murdering children, O’Rourke, who is 22.7 points behind and languishing at 8.3 percent. He’s killing everyone else, too, including Buttigieg. Biden is 26.5 points ahead of the light-loafered mayor.

All the candidates except Biden and Sanders are polling consistently in the single digits. None of them has touched 10 percent, and O’Rourke has broken into double digits only once. He pulled a whopping 12 percent against Biden’s 29 and Sanders’ 19 in a Quinnipiac poll last month.

The top two choices for Democrats are clearly Biden and Sanders, and of those two, again, Biden easily defeats Sanders. The Hill/Harris X poll in early April had Biden 17 points ahead of Sanders, while a Harvard-Harris poll at the end of March put Biden 18 points ahead of the millionaire socialist.

And as popular as Buttigieg is right now, mostly because he denounced Vice President Mike Pence as homophobe and the media are giddy about the prospect of a homosexual in the White House, he is still a whopping 15 points behind Trump in Emerson’s poll.

The numbers suggests that the South Bend mayor will lose, just like the others. If Biden runs, Sanders will be the man he must beat.

Bill Weld Announces
Ultimately, of course, Trump is the man to beat, and Bill Weld, the leftist Republican, thinks he is the man to do it. He announced his candidacy yesterday on Jake Tapper’s The Lead on CNN.

“It is time for patriotic men and women across our great nation to stand and plant a flag. It is time to return to the principles of Lincoln — equality, dignity, and opportunity for all,” he said. “There is no greater cause on earth than to preserve what truly makes America great. I am ready to lead that fight.”

Aside from two terms as governor of Massachusetts, Weld is a perpetual loser.

John Kerry beat him 52.2 percent to 44.7 percent in the 1996 Senate race, and Weld laughably ran with Gary Johnson on the Libertarian Party’s losing ticket in 2016. He decided he was a Republican again after that defeat.

Among the more amusing reactions to his announcement were these:

“No one cares,” tweeted Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, the host of an eponymous program on Fox.

Another wag had this thought: “@BillKristol will be both campaign manager and the sole donor to this campaign.”

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