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Former Obama Staff Support Buttigieg, But He’s Still 24 Points Behind Biden

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When Beto O’Rourke lost his Senate race, he became Obama 2.0.

The Kennedy-like candidate, Democrats hoped, would be the next Obama, presumably because he was an unknown yet very attractive candidate whose moderate appearance hides a hard-left ideologue.

Well now, U.S. News and World Report avers, Democrats have another Obama in the race: Pete Buttigieg, the homosexual mayor of South Bend, Indiana, whom no one knew until the media began pumping his candidacy because he is, indeed, a homosexual.

Granted, Buttigieg is a white, which is something of a handicap in the race for the Democratic nomination given the party’s embrace of unfortunate and naked anti-white rhetoric. But his “sexual preference” makes him a hip candidate from the fringes, which outweighs the problem with his race.

The donors to Buttigieg’s campaign seem to show that he might just supplant O’Rourke as the darling of the hate-Trump Left that includes the major media.

Obama People Like Buttigieg
Those donors, U.S. News reported, are “key members” of the Obama administration, meaning they weren’t just the interns who fetched coffee and wrote press releases about the White House Easter Egg roll.

“Former national security adviser Susan Rice, deputy senior adviser Stephanie Cutter, press secretary Jay Carney, National Security Council spokesman Ned Price and U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy all donated to Buttigieg's 2020 presidential campaign during the first quarter of the year, according to new documents filed with the Federal Election Commission,” the magazine reported.

Buttigieg has banked $7 million since January, “placing him in the top tier of candidates for fundraising prowess. He reported having $6.4 million on hand to spend.”

That’s why U.S. News suggested the next Obama is not O’Rourke, he of the fake-Hispanic moniker, but Buttigieg, he of the “marriage” to a man of the same sex.

“But the donations from the Obama alumni are notable given that Buttigieg is drawing some comparisons to the last Democratic president who ran an underdog campaign with a unique last name,” U.S. news reported.

Cutter told the magazine she donated to just one candidate this quarter: $500 to Buttigieg. “I haven’t chosen a candidate yet and will likely support a number of people in the race,” Cutter told the magazine. “But Mayor Pete inspired me, as he has done with so many others, and I wanted to find a way to support him.”

Another Obama torpedo who likes Buttgieg is David Axelrod, who “has heaped praise” on Buttigieg’s “remarkable story,” describing him as “crisp, thoughtful and relatable.”

Biden Still On Top
Whatever Buttigieg’s support now, the question is whether he or any other Democratic candidate can beat Joe Biden, who is expected to enter the race before the month is out.

Granted, Biden’s press lately hasn’t been all that kind.

His habit of hugging, kissing, and grabbing any woman within arm’s length was the subject of a week-long media cry. Then CNN dug up some old letters that showed his assiduous effort to stop forced busing with the help of segregationist Southern Democrats.

No matter. The latest polls show Biden with a commanding lead over even his closest contender, Bernie Sanders.

The numbers? The latest Real Clear Politics polling average of primary voters has Biden 7.5 points ahead of the nation’s most politically successful communist sympathizer, 30 percent to 22.5. And The Hill/Harris X poll in early April put Biden 17 points above Sanders.

The rest of the candidates aren’t even close. O’Rourke is at 8.8 percent, or 21.2 points behind, while Kamala Harris is at 8.5.

Then, 24 points behind, comes “Mayor Pete” tied with fake Indian Elizabeth Warren at six percent. Then comes Cory Booker wheezing and choking on Biden’s dust at 3.5 percent.

Not a single candidate has bested Biden in any of the 37 polls going back to October. The closest anyone got was Sanders, when he tied Biden in a poll from Emerson in mid-March.

Biden’s lead will likely increase when he announces, and the data so far show that “moderate” Democrats are terrified of nominating someone other than Biden, who at least appears much more moderate than someone such as Sanders.

The radical economic and social policies the candidates advocate, but which most Americans and even normal Democrats oppose, moderates fear, will invite a beating like the one President Nixon gave George McGovern in 1972: 49-1, 520 electoral votes to 17.

MSNBC talker Chris Matthews and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summer are warning thusly: Drinking the hard-left Kool-Aid might quench the radical thirst now, but it will leave a terribly bad aftertaste if Trump prevails on Election Day, 2020.

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