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Former CNN Host: Trump Supporters Must Be “Eradicated”

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Reza Aslan, the former CNN star who ate human flesh and two days ago tweeted that a presidential advisor should be “eradicated,” escalated his rhetoric on Sunday and called for the eradication of Trump supporters.

Aslan, a Sufi Muslim, has expressed a desire to harm others on Twitter for some time, yet the social-media giant has not banned or suspended the leftist Iranian immigrant.

A university professor who purports to be an expert on religion, Aslan lost his gig on CNN two years ago after a particularly vile tweet about President Trump.

The Tweet
Responding to Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso, Aslan tweeted the following call for the mass murder of Trump supporters:

Hours before that, he tweeted that top presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway must be “eradicated” after she posted this sentiment:

Repairing to his keyboard to scream, Aslan, who famously consumed human brain tissue on his CNN program True Believer, answered with this implied threat:

The following morning, Aslan tweeted this:

Lost His Job at CNN
But advocating violence is nothing new for Aslan. After the media published an entirely false narrative about the confrontation between high-school student Nicholas Sandmann and “Native American elder” Nathan Phillips, Aslan tweeted this:

Sandmann supporters might have replied, “yes, yours,” but in any event Aslan’s inability to control his Twitter fingers cost him his job 2017.

CNN fired Aslan after he tweeted this about President Trump, whom Aslan thought tweeted a false report about the terror attack in London on June 3:

This piece of s**t is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He’s an embarrassment to humankind.

Aslan later claimed he “lost my cool” and “that’s not like me,” but his Twitter followers quickly proved that the remark is exactly like him. This is what he tweeted about Trump about a month before the terror attack:

Oh the joy when that lying, conniving, scumbag, narcissistic, sociopathic piece of s**t fake president finally gets what’s coming to him.

On October 21, 2016, he told conservative Dinesh D’Souza to “go f**k yourself, you adulterous piece of s**t felon.”

He also called Fox talker Sean Hannity a “piece of s**t.”

Those tweets are no longer available.

Biden Joins In
Sadly, former Vice President Joe Biden, who knows better, joined Aslan, albeit without the obscenities, in speaking with CNN talker Anderson Cooper.

“This is a president who has said things no other president has said since Andrew Jackson,” Biden falsely claimed, ignoring the record of fellow Democrats Lyndon Johson and Woodrow Wilson. Biden continued:

We went through this before in the ’20s with the Ku Klux Klan and 50,000 people walking down Pennsylvania Avenue in their hats and robes because they decided they didn’t want Catholics coming into the country. We went through it after the Civil War in terms of the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy. This is about separating people and the good and bad in his mind. It is about making — it is about access to power. It is a trait used by charlatans all over the world, divide people, divide them and pit them against one another.

Replied Cooper, “If that is the case, I mean, it is a very dangerous game then that he is playing.”

“There is no question it’s a dangerous game,” Biden replied.

Biden did not, apparently, comment on how dangerous it is for university professors to suggest the eradication of the Americans who voted for Trump or wear MAGA hats.

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