Wednesday, 08 September 2010

Nullification Rally Sets Stage for Opposition To Obamacare

Written by  William Cherry

Thomas Woods“Push back! Push back! Push back!” the crowd of more than 350 shouted at the first Nullify Now! rally held in Ft. Worth, Texas on Saturday, Sept. 4. They were responding to GOP congressional candidate Stephen Broden of Texas as he urged the nullification of ObamaCare in his talk at the rally. Broden is running to defeat the socialist Eddie Bernice Johnson for a congressional seat in the Dallas area.

Various groups were represented by booths and attendees at the Texas Rally, the largest being The John Birch Society (the parent company of The New American magazine) and various Tea Party groups. All agreed that author Tom Woods, the keynote speaker of the event, made everyone aware that it was the constitutional duty of each state to use the tool of nullification to stop the unconstitutional actions, mandates and legislation coming from Washington.

Woods noted that Thomas Jefferson explained that nullification was a duty and right of each state to be used to protect the separation of powers and challenge unconstitutional mandates and measures. He quoted Jefferson, who said: "Whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unconstitutional, void and of no force.” Woods told the gathered crowd that it was going to take vigorous use of nullification to restore the American Republic.

Former candidate for Governor of Texas, Debra Medina, told the crowd that the effort to save the Constitution and liberty is a very serious battle and that it will take strong, determined, well-informed men and women to stand for nullification and not shrink from the political pressure that will come from the media and political leaders that will be directed against them. "The sunshine patriot" will be of no use in this battle for nullification, Medina warned.

Oklahoma State Legislator Charles Key spoke about the part he played in writing and promoting nullification legislation in Oklahoma. Key explained how the tool of nullification was used successfully in the Sooner State to nullify the Real ID law. He pointed out that nearly two dozen states said the Real ID law was unconstitutional and described how the effort to impose the law on all the states failed.

Likewise, Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon urged everyone to "stay the course" during the nullification battle. “Like Washington, we are crossing the Delaware," Brogdon told the crowd.

Texas Rep. Elect David Simpson gave a scholarly outline of the Tenth Amendment. He made clear that Tenth Amendment court cases were just one tool to fight unconstitutional actions and that nullification was another tool that can be used continually by all the states to protect the Constitution.

All the speakers and organizations at the Nullification Rally agreed that state nullification can be effective but that it will be a hard, serious fight that will need strong, dedicated, well informed Americans working with their state legislators and senators in order to ensure success. “Push back! Push back!” was the rallying cry, and everyone realized that nullification will be the shot across the bow that will tell the federal government that unconstitutional legislation and regulation will not be tolerated and that the states mean business in protecting the rights of their citizens from an out of control federal government.

Thumbnail photo: Tom Woods

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