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Black Tea Party Figure: “Elizabeth Warren is a Despicable Human Being”

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What do you call someone who sows racial unrest, and risks sparking inter-group violence, for political gain? A demagogue? Black Tea Party figure Lloyd Marcus calls such a person “a despicable human being” — and he has someone in particular in mind: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.; shown).

What so upset Marcus was the presidential contender’s claim last weekend that a black man “was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.” The senator was, of course, referencing the 2014 self-defense shooting of criminal Michael Brown by a Ferguson officer whose name I won’t reprint here (he may want to avoid the public eye). The senator was also lying.

As Marcus puts it, “Everyone knows Brown was shot while assaulting a police officer in his patrol car while Brown tried to take the officer’s gun.”

This is not mere opinion. While you can read the case’s details here and here, in brief, local authorities, Brown’s family, and Barack Obama’s Department of Justice under Eric Holder all performed separate autopsies on Brown’s body. All three entities drew the same conclusion: The officer acted in self-defense during a vicious attack by a 6’ 4”, 296 lb man.

The DOJ finding was particularly significant because Holder — history’s most left-wing attorney general — was unsympathetic toward police and saw himself as an ally of black criminals.

In other words, Warren is not an ally of Truth, justice, or life. For the record, here’s her propagandistic tweet on Ferguson:

As Marcus puts it, “Warren’s insidiously evil lie tells voters everything they need to know about her. Obsessed with gaining power, Warren has decided that the lives of brave and honorable police officers and ... of Americans potentially killed in a race war are acceptable collateral damage to achieve her goal — the White House.”

This is not theoretical. The “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie — that Brown was killed while on his knees surrendering — sparked the Ferguson riots, the violent Black Lives Matter movement, and protester chants such as “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” And, sure enough, there were also so-called “revenge” attacks on whites and the murder of police officers.

Other victims are the numerous wives and children of officers who lost their husbands and fathers “because Democrats and fake news media lied about the Brown shooting…and other incidents,” writes Marcus. A sad example was 13-year-old Jaden Ramos, whose NYPD father was assassinated along with another officer in December 2014. As Jaden posted on Facebook:

Today I had to say bye to my father. He was their for me everyday of my life, he was the best father I could ask for. It’s horrible that someone gets shot dead just for being a police officer. Everyone says they hate cops but they are the people that they call for help. I will always love you and I will never forget you. RIP Dad.

His father, dead — all because of a malicious lie. Now Warren is resurrecting that lie.

She defended that lie, too, at a Wednesday New Hampshire political rally (video below).

This is why “Elizabeth Warren,” Marcus concludes, “is a despicable human being.”

She’s not alone, though. Presidential aspirant Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) also resurrected the lie, tweeting:

Making it worse is that Warren, a “law professor,” and former prosecutor Harris surely know the legal definition of “murder” and that the Ferguson officer was neither charged with nor committed such. In fact, he may have a good defamation case here.

But guessing Warren’s motivation isn’t hard. A recent poll shows that her support among blacks is weak, paling in comparison to fellow presidential aspirant Joe Biden’s. So she’s trying to shore it up.

Regardless, her “presidential run should be over,” says Marcus — and he’s not alone in this sentiment. Former Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly, addressing Harris’ unsuitability as well, opines similarly below.

Unfortunately, history reveals race-baiting as no impediment to achieving the presidency; in fact, it may facilitate that goal. Just consider Barack Obama. While addressing a primarily black audience at Hampton University in Virginia on June 5, 2007 — and speaking Ebonics-style even though he never actually lived in a black community — he accused the federal government of shortchanging the mostly black Hurricane Katrina victims on disaster relief. The truth?

The Senate had voted to give those victims an inordinate amount of funding just two weeks before Obama’s speech — and then-senator Obama was present for the vote.

The kicker: He voted against the extra funding.

Of course, about a year and a half later he was elected president.

Racial and ethnic violence have killed countless millions throughout history. Political arsonists who stoke its fires should be shunned and ostracized — not empowered.

Photo of Sen. Elizabeth Warren: AP Images

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