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Coughing in New Hampshire Speech, Biden Coughs Up Everything but Truth

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Ex-veep Jumbling Joe’s allies recently said that Biden should be hidin’ to avoid looking bad on the stump, and his Saturday appearance at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention illustrates why. Not only was his speech marred by slurred and jumbled words and coughing, but, comically, he accidentally called President Trump “Donald Hump.”

At least, however, Biden didn’t say that he loved being here in “scenic, beautiful” Vermont, as he did at another recent New Hampshire stop.

As for Biden’s humorous gaffe, he was warning about the implications of a Trump re-election and said that “if Donald Hump — Donald Trump is reelected…Freudian slip. If Donald Trump is reelected, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”

There’s a lot to unpack here. This Bidenism might have been a Freudian slip, but in allusion to what? After all, Biden is the one notorious for inappropriately putting his hands all over women and even young girls.

As for “fundamentally” altering the nation’s character, this appears pure projection. Not only was it Barack Obama who vowed to do just that, it’s the Democrats who are pursuing a complete, Year Zero-like political and cultural revolution.

This involves not just tearing down statues of American heroes, impugning the Founding Fathers, revising our history, and demographic upheaval via Third World migration, but also calls to eliminate the Electoral College and even the U.S. Senate — and to move us toward socialism. Of course, much of this fundamental transformation is already a fait accompli.

Biden also struggled to say “existential” when claiming that Trump constitutes that kind of threat to America, and ultimately gave up on trying to pronounce the word and just moved on (video below).

In stating what American “values” purportedly are, Biden said that we “believe in honesty, decency, treating everyone with dignity and respect…[and] giving hate no safe harbor. Demonizing no one — not the poor, the powerless, the immigrant, the other (cough)…” — except, apparently, President Trump and anyone who supports him or deviates from the leftist, politically correct agenda. Such people will be demonized as “racists,” “sexists,” “homophobes,” Nazis, fascists, and/or bigots in a reflexive, turpitudinous tantrum.

In fairness and as the above video evidences, Biden’s coughing problem was perhaps overblown. Unlike Hillary Clinton’s bizarre coughing fits during the 2016 presidential campaign, it appeared to merely be the kind of issue older people occasionally experience when talking. (As a 90-year-old man quipped some years ago while saying a few words at a church I attended, “They told me to keep my speech down to a couple of minutes. It takes me a couple of minutes just to clear my throat.”)

More troubling, though, was how Biden’s left eye filled with blood last week during a CNN climate change town hall, a phenomenon prompting renewed calls for the candidate to release his health records.

Yet more worrisome still, as it may relate to moral health, is Biden’s tendency to tell campaign trail tall tales. For example, at an appearance last month he told a moving military story that he said was “God’s truth,” except, apparently, for one minor detail:

It never happened — as even left-wing media had to report.

This is a common phenomenon among shallow, insecure, adulation-seeking people. Both Hillary Clinton and newsman Brian Williams have told their Pinocchio stories, for instance, with the transgression seriously damaging the latter’s career. Yet there may be another, sadder reason for at least some of Biden’s erroneous claims, according to political analyst Brit Hume.

“Senility is overtaking him,” said Hume last week on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight (video below).

Yet just as interesting about Biden’s New Hampshire speech is something going unmentioned: Its conclusion sounded like an endorsement of Trump.

“Folks, I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s chances than I am today,” said the former vice president. “We’re better positioned than any nation in the world to lead the 21st century. We have the world’s most powerful economy. We have the greatest research universit[ies] in the world, more than all the rest of the world combined. We find ourselves with a workforce that’s three times as productive as workers in Asia.”

My, it almost sounds as if Biden is saying we’ve Made America Great Again. Nonetheless, Jumbling Joe then stated that he refuses “to postpone one more day the taking back of this country.”

From what? Success?

Photo of Joe Biden: AP Images

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