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AOC Announces: We Are Breaking Up the Green New Deal

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The Green New Deal, that fanciful piece of socialist legislation brought forth by freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.), which has been endorsed by all the major Democrat presidential candidates for 2020, is moving forward but in pieces according to AOC.

“One of the things I think is really exciting,” the Democratic-Socialist said on Tuesday, is that “the legislation that we are planning on introducing is not one broad sweeping piece of legislation…. We are breaking it up into parts.”

So Ocasio-Cortez and her colleagues are busting the bill up into smaller pieces so it will hurt less as they attempt to jam the big government, monstrosity down the collective throat of the American people.

Among the things the allegedly “climate-friendly” legislation calls for is to “achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers,” and “to promote justice and equity by stopping current, preventing future and repairing historic oppression” of a litany of intersectional groups that are referred to as “frontline and vulnerable communities.”

The initial “pieces” of Green New Deal legislation could be seen as early as this month, according to Ocasio-Cortez. Among those first pieces of legislation will be what AOC describes as the “Green New Deal housing plan.”

“We are really excited about it,” the Congresswoman said. “That’s going to be dropping this month, and it’s going to be really a focus on buildings, which is one of the three major industries we have to focus on when it comes to reducing carbon emissions.”

Also, on the coming docket is legislation calling for a complete transition away from automobiles that use fossil fuels.

Originally, introduced in February of this year, the Green New Deal is the centerpiece of Ocasio-Cortez’s legislative agenda and one of the main reasons that the freshman congresswoman has gained so much national attention.

In March, the Senate voted 57 to 0 against allowing the legislation to move forward. Instead of taking a stand for or against the legislation, 43 Democrats — including presidential candidates Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Cory Booker (D-N.J.) who now support the bill — voted “present” to avoid the embarrassment of voting for legislation that they knew had no chance of passing and was full of ideas that would have caused ire among their constituents.

Although the Green New Deal has been pushed as a climate-saving measure, in actuality it’s not about saving the planet but transforming the American economy into one based on socialism, not capitalism. And if you don’t believe me, just ask some of the people who were most involved with its creation.

AOC’s former chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti — who was forced out of AOC's congressional office in early August because of a tweet he wrote that compared moderate Democrats of today with racist Southern Democrats of the 1940s — told the Washington Post Magazine in July, “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal is that it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all.”

Really, Mr. Chakrabarti? What was it then? “We really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy-thing,” Chakrabarti admitted.

And lest you think Chakrabarti is just a lone, outspoken AOC acolyte spouting nonsense, the congresswoman herself has also said similar things. In December of 2018, prior to taking office, Ocasio-Cortez said, “[We] can use the transition to 100 percent renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic, social and racial justice in the United States of America.”

So while many of us have long suspected that much of this climate-change drama is really a plot to alter the economy of not only the United States but the entire world, at least AOC and her former chief of staff had the guts to admit it.

So the Green New Deal didn’t die in March when Mitch McConnell brought it up for a vote in the Senate — not at all. Like the Lernaean Hydra of Greek mythology, when you chop one of the beast’s heads off, multiple heads will grow to replace it. Here’s hoping we find a Hercules to kill this thing once and for all.

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