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Idealized Islam: Interview With Rev. Elijah Abraham, Part III

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IslamThis is the third segment of a four-part interview with Rev. Elijah Abraham. (To see the first two segments, click here and here.) Rev. Abraham was born and raised as a Muslim in Iraq, but converted to Christianity when he found that Islam did not answer his most pressing religious questions. He was interviewed for The New American by James Heiser.

The New American: You have used the expression peaceful Jihad." What do you mean by that?

Rev. Elijah Abraham: We need to look at the Islamic agenda. It's really a four-prong attack in the West. You are talking about political, economic, educational and spiritual attacks. All those four are segments of Jihad. You've got the violent Jihad, which we are seeing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, 9/11, the attempts since 9/11, the 93 bombing of the World Trade Center, etc. That's the manifestation of the violent Jihad.

The peaceful Jihad is where you implement Jihad by living in a community peacefully and adhere to the laws of the land while you are still weak or your population is small, but you become very active in implementing the Islamic agenda or law by trying to change the policies at the local, state and national levels, in a way advantageous to the implementation of the Islamic agenda. This agenda has been going for at least 35 to 40 years. Right now, we are in the period of execution since 9/11. On 9/11, the spotlight came on Islam. You would think the Islamic community would say, No, no, we had nothing to do with it," and then be quiet. Nope. They went in the opposite direction, and, like a runaway train, full force. And they are not shying away from what they are doing. They are out in the open saying, This is what we are about to do. We are here to make America a Muslim nation.

So you've got the political side of things, and not just trying to work within the political system, but also to promote Muslims to run for office. Now we have two Muslims as members of Congress since 2006 [Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.)]. Also, they are trying to bribe politicians, and lobby politicians to pass legislation advantageous to the Islamic agenda. Steve Emerson wrote a book, American Jihad, where he documents which politicians have taken money from organizations in the United States that have links to al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, or the Muslim Brotherhood. Our politicians will not touch Islam with a 10-foot pole because they are on the payroll, as far as I am concerned, and not just that, but also because of political correctness, which Islam understands very well. They are using political correctness against us. So if a politician talks about Islam, immediately the liberal media and the Muslim community will say, You are a bigot. And the politicians don't want controversy. That's the political side of things.

The financial side of things is even more dangerous. Go to the Veterans against Jihadism website and you will see a lot of links about the Islamic Sharia law financing. That is the most dangerous thing because what has happened is that the U.S. government under George W. Bush in November 2008, the Treasury Department held a conference on how to integrate Islamic Sharia law financing into our financial system: its called Sharia Compliant Financing (SCF)." In 1999, Dow Jones' Islamic Index was established. In 2007, an Islamic hedge fund was established for the first time. Now the hot thing in Wall Street investment is Islamic Sharia law financing, because the way they see it is that there are billions and billions of dollars in oil money available, so they don't want to miss out on this.

TNA: What is the educational aspect of the peaceful Jihad?

Rev. Abraham: The educational plan has been underway to indoctrinate our children. Go to an average public school in America and you will see the curriculum is very much advantageous to Islam and has Christianity in a bad light. In January 2002, right after 9/11, the California public schools had a mandate that the fifth, sixth and seventh grades were to practice Islam for two weeks. It took almost a week for the Christian community to bring it to light Paul Harvey and James Dobson talked about it. California said it wasn't mandatory, that its just extracurricular activity, but they did not let it die. In the summer of 2007, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals approved public schools allowing these kids to practice Islam for two weeks. What does this mean? They wear Islamic garb, adopt a Muslim name, memorize verses from the Koran, chant Allah is great and Mohammed is his prophet," and perform Jihad. The reasoning of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was that our children need to learn about world cultures. But Islam is not a culture. I'm still waiting to see if it will go to the Supreme Court because this is so wrong.

This isn't only happening in California; it's happening all over the country. In 2008, for the first time ever, in Brooklyn, New York, a public-funded, Arabic, Islamic elementary school was established. Now, what do you think they teach in those schools that taxpayers are paying for?

The whole idea is that by the time young people get to college they are ripe for picking to convert to Islam. Statistically speaking, young men and women in our churches 76 to 81 percent of them leave the church by the time they get to college. Let's talk about colleges. Almost every major university in the United States has an Islamic student center that was established by the Muslim Brotherhood. They are very strong. Some universities are now considering closing during the holy month of Ramadan or Islamic holidays. They are already accommodating the Islamic students with foot washing and so forth for prayer; they have a section where they can pray. Now to top all of that, in 2002, Tulsa University became the first university to build a mosque on its campus not a student center, a mosque, on its campus.

The education strategy extends not just on the academic level, but also all the way into our armed forces, where they are targeting our soldiers for conversion and it has been successful. In the prison system, 20 percent of the incarcerated in the United States are Muslims, who are usually blacks or Hispanics, but now we are seeing a new trend of white prisoners converting to Islam, as well. Now homegrown Jihadists are no longer just people from a Middle Eastern background; we're talking about Hispanics from a Catholic background, or blacks, or Koreans, or Chinese Americans, and so forth. But we are seeing that what is the most dangerous right now are white, blue-eyed, blonde women, American women, become assassins. People say, God loves you; Hes got a plan for you. Yes, but the thing that people forget to really acknowledge is that Satan has a plan for you, too. Satan has a plan for this country. Satan has a plan for our churches. He wants to break up the church. The Lord told us that the gates of Hades will not prevail against the church. But He did not tell us there wasn't going to be a challenge. It does not mean the church isn't going to split. And that's the work of Satan.

TNA: Which brings us to the overtly religious aspect of peaceful Jihad.

Rev. Abraham: The religious element in the United States is also a "peaceful Jihad," as well, because what they are doing is that they teach Muslim missionaries and Muslim citizens how to convert Americans to Islam. They know how to identify a weak Christian, a nominal Christian, or just an American who calls himself Christian. There's a book, What Did Jesus Really Say? How Christianity Went Astray, that they produced about four or five years ago. Its about four or five hundred pages and it takes scripture from the Bible and twists it, does poor exegesis, to legitimize Islam, Mohammed, and Allah. So the average American who doesn't know anything about his own Bible will say, Oh, sure, why not? And they convert. You go to an average American mosque in any major metroplex and you'll see lines of men and women converting to Islam and you'll see another line of women marrying Muslims, and men marrying Muslim women. That's every Friday.

So the peaceful Jihad is really at multiple levels and it has infiltrated our system.

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