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Sanders Holds Commanding Lead in RCP Polling Average, Packs Tacoma Dome, as Biden Fades

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pulled in a Trump-like crowd in Washington state yesterday, and his numbers in the Real Clear Politics polling average of voters show why.

He has surpassed competitor Joe Biden, and now leads the former vice president in the race for the Democrat presidential nomination by double-digits, a remarkable turn given that Biden was the clear voter favorite for more than a year in more than 200 polls.

Now the man to beat is Sanders, a Soviet apologist whose campaign staffers have promised a bloody reign of terror if he wins and burning cities if he loses. 

Sanders has a comfortable 11-point lead over Biden, 28.3-17.3

The Numbers
Until the beginning of February, Biden was still the choice of most voters, even if by small margins.

Sanders prevailed in just two surveys: CNN of January 16-19, which he won by three points, and NBC/Wall Street Journal of January 26-29, which he won by one point.

And Biden was still racking up double-digit victories. In a Los Angeles Times/USC survey of January 15-18, Biden beat Sanders 34-28, a 16-point win.

But Biden’s numbers began heading south after Sanders and Pete Buttigieg beat him in the Iowa Caucuses on February 3. New Hampshire voters chose Sanders on February 11.

Biden hasn’t recovered.

Sanders prevailed in the Morning Consult poll of February 4-9 by three points, 25-22.

Days later, Quinnipiac and Monmouth surveys had Sanders leading by eight and 10 points apiece, although Biden recovered somewhat in The Hill/Harris X survey of February 7-10. That poll had Biden ahead of Sanders by three points. Score: 23-20.4

But then came Biden’s disaster in New Hampshire. Sanders hasn’t lost a poll since.

The latest, ABCNews/Washington Post of February 14-17, gave Sanders a whopping 16-point margin, 32-16.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll over the same time put Sanders ahead by 12 — Sanders 27, Biden 15 — while respondents in a NPR/PBS/Marist poll of February 13-16 preferred Sanders over Biden 31-15, another 16-point loss for Biden.

Bloomberg was also ahead of Biden in that one, but sits in RCP’s third place at 12.5.

Those results are disastrous for Biden. He was, after all, Barack Obama’s right-hand man, and was the odds-on favorite to win the nomination until early February, when Sanders and even Buttgieg beat him hands-down in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Biden came in fourth behind Elizabeth Warren in Iowa and pulled just 15.8 percent of the vote and was awarded only six delegates, compared to 13 delegates for Buttigieg, 12 for Sanders, and eight for Warren.

Biden dropped to fifth in the Granite State contest, receiving just 8.4 percent of the vote. Delegate count? Goose egg.

With 76,324 votes, Sanders pulled three times as many as Biden’s 24,921.

How bad is it for Biden?

Senator Amy Klobuchar beat him and came in third, ahead of Warren. The Minnesotan received 58,796 votes and six delegates.

Murders, Gulags Planned
No wonder, as The Associated Press reported, “supporters packed the Tacoma Dome and chanted Sanders’ name as he appeared on stage” when U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal introduced the elderly collectivist, who faces his competitors in Washington’s primary on March 10. The subversive Jayapal, by the way, who heads Sanders’ campaign in Washington, is an immigrant from India who has confessed to helping illegal aliens file what are likely phony asylum claims.

Reported AP:

Supporters lined up hours ahead of the evening rally. Cali Randall, an 18-year-old high school senior from Tacoma, arrived with two friends and was carrying a #Babes4Bernie sign. Randall was excited to be voting in her first presidential election, and to start with a vote for Sanders in the presidential primary.

“Bernie has a movement behind him,” she said.

Maybe, but Sanders supporters might not know who the leaders of that “movement” are and the role they will play whether Sanders wins or loses.

Three recent undercover videos from Project Veritas featured Sanders campaign staffers speaking at length of what they plan.

If Sanders loses, “Milwaukee will burn” and cops will be attacked, one vowed. If Sanders wins, the staffer promised, Americans who oppose Sanders will be sent to gulags for “re-education.”

Another staff member promised to “guillotine the rich” and re-education camps for Republicans, while a third looked forward to violence and mayhem on the way to Sanders’ socialist paradise.

In other words, a communist totalitarian state lies ahead if Bernie Sanders, whom Investor’s Business Daily dubbed “the bum who wants your money,” wins on November 3.

Question: How many of his 17,000 fans who packed the Tacoma Dome know that?

Photo: AP Images

R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

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