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Obama's Deportation Deception Exposed

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In a new video commentary (watch below), Liberty News Network immigration and border security analyst Andy Ramirez takes apart the recent claims by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano that the Obama administration is doing a bang-up job of guarding the border and deporting illegal aliens.

According to Secretary Napolitano the 392,862 aliens deported in Fiscal Year 2010 represent "historic results." Included in those removals were 1,000 murderers, nearly 6,000 sex-offenders, 45,000 drug-offenders and 28,000 drunk drivers.

As impressive as those numbers may appear at first glance, a closer examination reveals that they are part and parcel of a highly misleading campaign by the administration to disguise the fact that our border with Mexico is still badly broken, says Ramirez, who is president and founder of the national organization Friends of the Border Patrol.

Napolitano's claim that crime along the border was either stable or falling and that "some of America's safest cities are right along the southwest border," is nonsense, states Ramirez, who has spent the past several years on the front lines of the border wars that are raging along the U.S.-Mexico boundary.

Contrary to Napolitano's rosy evaluation, says Andy Ramirez, if you talk to the Border Patrol agents or law enforcement officers along the border, or border residents, they're going to tell you "it's as dangerous if not more dangerous as it's ever been."

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Among the evidence cited by Ramirez is a scathing "Vote of No Confidence" statement issued by National Council 118 of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the American Federation of Government Employees, aimed at Secretary Napolitano and Obama appointee John Morton, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

The union officials, who represent 7,000 ICE officers and employees, voted an astounding 259 to 0 for the resolution expressing their "growing dissatisfaction and concern" that Morton and Assistant Director Phyllis Coven have "abandoned the agency's core mission of enforcing U.S. immigration laws and providing for public safety."

The unanimous rebuke by the ICE officers, accuses Morton and Coven of directing their attention "to campaigning for programs and policies related to amnesty and the creation of a special detention system for foreign nationals that exceeds the care and services provided to most U.S. citizens similarly incarcerated," instead of protecting America.

Among the stinging accusations leveled at the Obama administration's ICE management team by the ICE officers themselves:

ICE ... is currently overwhelmed by the massive criminal alien problem in the United States resulting in the large-scale release of criminals back into local communities....

ICE is misleading the American public with regard to the effectiveness of criminal enforcement  programs like the ICE "Secure Communities Program" using it as a selling point to move forward with amnesty legislation.

Moreover, the "No Confidence" vote issued by the officers' representatives on June 11 also declares:

While ICE reports internally that more than 90 percent of ICE detainees are first encountered in jails after they are arrested by local police for criminal charges, ICE senior leadership misrepresents this information publicly in order to portray ICE detainees as being non-criminal in nature to support the Administration's position on amnesty and relaxed security at ICE detention facilities.

"It's the same game that's been played going back to the Bush administration," notes Ramirez. But this is no game; our nation's security - not to mention the safety of our families and communities - is at stake.

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