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Time's Joe Klein Connects Beck to JBS

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Glenn BeckAs if conservative pundit Glenn Beck was not enough of a target to the Left, Timemagazine’s Joe Klein has branded him with a new and more contentious title: a “John Birch Society conspiracy theorist.” Beck, however, may not recoil at the epithet.

Appearing on Chris Matthews' Hardball, Joe Klein railed:

There has to be a word for Glenn Beck, who is a telecharlatan and who really retires the cup, and not just for the [8/28] rally, but for this phony professorial air that he has when he’s broadcasting in which he promotes these ridiculous conspiracy theories by the John Birch Society nut cakes. I mean, it’s outrageous.

What may have been intended as an offense by Joe Klein, however, may be a welcome term to the television and radio host. After all, in July 2007, when Glenn Beck interviewed JBS spokesman Sam Antonio on his Fox News television program, Beck observed, “When I was growing up, hearing about the John Birch Society, I thought they were a bunch of nuts. But you guys are starting to make more and more sense to me.”

In recent months, evidence of Beck’s evolving views of allegations made by the John Birch Society has been prevalent on his program. He has been unafraid to discuss the underground movement toward a one-world government — which he dubbed “Crime, Inc.” — and he also devoted an entire episode to vindicating Senator Joseph McCarthy. Beck has devoted his criticism equally to both “progressive” Democratic and Republican administrations. He even uses, heaven forbid, the “C” word (Communists) when referring to America’s villains.

However, regardless of Beck’s relationship to the John Birch Society, whatever that may be, Klein’s assertion has all the hallmarks of a liberal defense mechanism.

John Birch Society president John McManus points out, “[Liberals] discount the things they disagree with by calling them conspiracy theories.”

Furthermore, the allegations put forward by Glenn Beck and The John Birch Society, according to McManus, are not theories, but facts.

“Klein is attacking the very notion of conspiracy,” remarks McManus, “but in order to discount conspiracy, you have to rewrite history.”

Unfortunately, rewriting history is a priority item on the leftist agenda.

But as long as activists such as Glenn Beck, members of the Tea Parties, and the John Birch Society continue to expose that agenda, a sliver of hope for the future of America remains.

Perhaps that is what is so “outrageous” to Mr. Klein.

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