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Earth Day or Green Indoctrination Day?

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Earth DayApril 22, every year's Earth Day, proved another prime opportunity for educators to fully indoctrinate students on environmental issues as well as the "evils" of production and capitalism.

Below is a YouTube video of young students singing an Earth Day song at the Riverwood Elementary School in Tennessee that reveals lyrics that reflect the political ideologies of the song’s writers. Some of the more controversial lyrics include “Recycle, bicycle, don’t drive by yourself/don’t buy those plastic products on the supermarket shelf” and “Boycott, petition, let the big business know/that if we mess it up here, there’s nowhere else we can go.”

So once again big business — i.e. capitalism — is the enemy. But not just big business or capitalism. Presumably, if you drive to work by yourself, you are living an affluent, unsustainable lifestyle that is squandering limited resources and destroying planet Earth.

It’s no secret that the roots of Earth Day are by nature anti-capitalist. After all, its celebration on April 22 coincides with the birthday of the socialist tyrant Vladimir Lenin. The Wisconsin Law Journal notes:

It’s appropriate that the two are celebrated on the same day, because there is no relevant difference between the socialist and environmentalist agendas in this country. Saving the environment is simply a euphemism for eviscerating the rights of property owners and creating a dictatorship.

Organizations such as the Independent Women’s Forum have launched campaigns to oppose the indoctrination of students often seen on Earth Day about environmental issues such as so-called global "warming."

Unfortunately, the indoctrination has now expanded far beyond Earth Day. For example, the function of National Green Week appears to be purely to brainwash students on radical environmentalists' "green" objectives. According to the Green Education Foundation website:

The objective of National Green Week is to empower students to be leaders of their own sustainability campaign. During National Green Week 2010, Green Education Foundation (GEF) mobilized over two million children to participate in sustainability education programs, and reduce their trash by over 100,000 lbs. National Green Week 2011 kicks off February 7-11, but schools can chose any week from Feb.7-April 22 (Earth Day) to participate.

National Green Week 2011 is a free program. Schools and groups are encouraged to take this opportunity to spend time with their students discussing environmental issues and specifically what they can do to make a difference. Participate for the whole week, a day, or just one lesson or activity. On Earth Day 2011 (April 22 ) the GEF website will announce the impact of the combined efforts on behalf of all of the schools and green keepers.

Though the objectives may appear innocuous on the surface, one blogger notes that National Green Week merely provides yet another forum for “our tax money to indoctrinate our children into hating their parents if they serve meat to the family.”

If the purposes of the green movement were merely to ensure the longevity of the planet’s health, it is likely it would have far wider support among the political spectrum.

Unfortunately, radical environmentalists such as James Lee, the gunman who took hostages at the Discovery Channel last September, have an agenda which includes an end to human procreation. Lee explicitly stated his demands in a letter, which included his insistence that the Discovery Channel add programs which encourage “ways to disassemble civilization and concentrate the message in finding solutions to solving global military mechanized conflict.”

Likewise, gruesome environmental mini-films and green advertisements put out by environmental groups such as the 10:10 Project and ACT-Responsible highlight the priority of the environmental agenda — and it is certainly not human life. For example, in a 2009 ad exhibit in Cannes, France, a green advertisement poster featuring a young girl in a noose standing atop melting ice that reads “Climate change, human impact, creative challenge” was named the Best Social and Environmental Ad.

Similarly, the mini-film released by the 10:10 Project — a London-based group which encouraged people to reduce their consumption of carbon by 10 percent in 2010 — featured global-warming skeptics being blown up by explosives. Those portrayed as being killed ranged from young students to adult corporate employees.

Commenting on the nature of the mini-film, Britain’s Telegraph observed, “The environmental movement has revealed the snarling, wicked, homicidal misanthropy beneath its cloak of gentle, bunny-hugging righteousness.”

Ironically, among the lyrics sung by the students at Riverwood Elementary School was, “Don’t wreck it, protect it, keep part of it wild, And think about the future of your great-grandchild” — yet when conservatives oppose massive federal spending (a far more immediate danger) and point to its impact on the next generation, liberals appear unmoved.

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