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Times: New York Readies for Deluge of Deviant "Marriages"

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City and town clerks across New York are preparing for a surge in same-sex (aka LGBT or GLBT) nuptials, the New York Times reports.

Such is the size of the coming fairytale wedding contingent, thanks to the state’s new law legalizing“same-sex "marriage,” that New York City will open its clerk’s offices on July 24, a Sunday. That is the day the law takes effect.

What Christian (or observant Jewish or Muslim) clerks plan to do about being forced to participate in sin is unknown. What is known is that an alleged Catholic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is not a homosexual but is living with with his girlfriend, signed the bill legalizing “marriage” between members of the same sex.

GOP Passed Bill, Cuomo Signs It

Cuomo, who has likely incurred a latae sententiae excommunication from the Catholic Church because of his public concubinage and vociferous support for abortion, signed the pro-homosexual law on June 24. Some so-called conservative Republicans supported it because it permits religious exemptions.

Reported the Times:

Language that Republican senators inserted into the bill legalizing same-sex marriage provided more expansive protections for religious organizations and helped pull the legislation over the finish line Friday night.

The Republicans who insisted on the provision did not only want religious organizations and affiliated groups to be protected from lawsuits if they refused to provide their buildings or services for same-sex marriage ceremonies, they also wanted them to be spared any penalties by state government. That would mean, for example, a church that declined to accommodate same-sex weddings could not be penalized later with the loss of state aid for the social service programs it administers.

So on yet another issue, leftist Democrats did not do the damage. The GOP did. It provided the votes Democrats did not have. And the GOP controls the New York Senate.

When Cuomo signed the bill, the Times observed:

The approval of same-sex marriage represented a reversal of fortune for gay-rights advocates, who just two years ago suffered a humiliating defeat when a same-sex marriage bill was easily rejected by the Senate, which was then controlled by Democrats. This year, with the Senate controlled by Republicans, the odds against passage of same-sex marriage appeared long.

And so the clerks of New York State who are devout Christians, Jews, or Muslims will work on a Sunday to participate in same-sex marriage, thanks to the GOP.

After the signing, militant homosexuals swarmed the streets to celebrate. As The New American reported, a particularly fetching crowd gathered outside the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, the scene of the Stonewall Riot in 1969. Now, as then, men pranced about the streets wearing women’s clothes and make-up.

On both counts, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Upsurge Expected

Immediately after Cuomo signed state-sanctioned sodomy into law, the Times reported that clerks were “girding” for more weddings, given that 45,000 homosexual couples live in New York. State officials expect the new law to bring $210 million into state’s coffers from homosexual travel, which raises the question among analysts as to whether Republicans, being typically Republican, sold out the state for money.

According to the Times, one supporter of homosexual marriage “was dusting off plans to turn a decommissioned Methodist church he bought six years ago into a mecca for same-sex weddings.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire leftist Republican, the Times noted, said the city clerks’ offices will open on a Sunday because same-sex "marriages" blessed by a judge’s sacred hands cannot wait a minute longer than is necessary.

Ordinarily, couples must wait 24 hours after receiving a license to get married. But city officials said a number of state judges had volunteered to be on hand on July 24 to waive the waiting period and perform wedding ceremonies. …

“This is a historic moment for New York,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in a statement, “a moment many couples have waited years and even decades to see, and we are not going to make them wait one day longer than they have to.”

Clerks’ offices will be open from 8:30 to 4:30 p.m. that Sunday and offer extended hours for the next five days. As well, the Times reported, although the job of performing all the expected “marriage” ceremonies will be difficult, the Big Apple’s bureaucrats can handle the load:

“Opening on the first day we could, it makes it a special and really memorable moment for those couples and also for our city,” the City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, said in a telephone interview.

“We expect there might be a little bit of lines,” she added, “but we’re up to the task.”

Binghamton was the first city to announce it will open on July 24. New York followed. Other cities are also extending clerks’ hours to handle the conga line of homosexuals who show up to get “married.”

The bottom line is that officials across New York are prepared and eager to participate in the charade of gay and lesbian "marriage." The town clerk in Islip told the Times, “Everybody’s going to be onboard. We’ll be ready, willing and able.”

Photo: John Lewis, left, and partner of 21 years Stuart Gaffney, right, pose for a photo after receiving their marriage license on the first day of same-sex marriages at City Hall in San Francisco on, June 17, 2008: AP Images

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