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Rick Perry China's New Best Friend?

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With Texas Governor Rick Perry expected to make an "announcement" on Saturday at a conservative conference in South Carolina, scrutiny of his record is more important than ever — particularly a look at his record with regard to China. In spite of posturing as an independent Christian conservative, Perry has consistently contributed to what is called the Chinafication of America.

In a video produced by Vince Wade, Wade points out that Perry “preaches less government, less taxes, and other conservative cliches,” but his record says otherwise.


In other words, his courtship of Chinese investment in Texas supports the communist, atheist enemy of America. For instance, the Chinese government-owned Tianjin Pipe Group built the $1 billion Tianjin Pipe Factory in coastal Corpus Christi, Texas. And only last year, The New American reported that the government-run China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), in an agreement with Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City, acquired an approximate one-third interest in the Eagle Ford shale play in South Texas, not far from Corpus Christi. The investment in both a pipe factory and a large oil play signals that China is turning to Texas to fuel its enormous need for oil. At least one Texas official, Tom Pauken, considered it a possible threat to the Lone Star State.

But Perry’s silence in permitting the CNOOC deal in Texas gets even louder when viewed in the shadow of a similar CNOOC deal in California. In March 2005, the company tried to buy Unocal, and the outcry from Washington over security concerns was enormous. So some Texans are asking if Perry cares even less about the security of Texas than Washington does about that of the country.

Wade also noted that the Sovereign Wealth Fund, the communist Chinese government vehicle for foreign business deals, has invested more money in Texas than in any other state.

The role of the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) turning over America to China cannot be overstated. The road is crucial for a huge influx of Chinese imports. The highway, a pet project of Perry's, will enable a communist government to make money in America by taking jobs, resources, and capital from Americans. And Perry’s use of government power to cram the TTC down Texans' throats is an example of the kind of big government he claims to decry. But when the media later claimed the Corridor was ‘dead’, Perry promised it would be built anyway — in spite of fierce opposition within the state — and it would simply be called by another name.

Wade produced another video about the dangers of the attempts by the Chinese government to acquire access to America’s electrical grid, and how U.S. Governors, meeting in Salt Lake City last month, gathered to come up with inducements to garner Chinese investments. The video, entitled U.S. Governors: The Great American Sell Out outlined the Chinese ownership of 15 percent of AES in Arlington, Virginia:

The company operates power grids in several states, including Texas, effectively making the Communist Chinese government a stakeholder in Texas electric power — all with Perry’s blessing.

Most damning of Wade’s report was the revelation of the Chinese government’s desire to gain access to American telecommunications. Two companies, Huawei and ZTE — clamoring to get in the game — want to sell equipment to the U.S. Both have been repeatedly cited as security risks by intelligence experts in the United States, Britain, India, and Australia. Yet both have chosen to establish headquarters in Texas. Last October, Governor Perry appeared at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Plano, Texas welcoming Huawei to the state, claiming, “This is a company with a really strong worldwide reputation."

In 2009, British intelligence warned that a purchase of Huawei network equipment carried with it a risk because, “British intelligence has only a limited understanding of our adversary’s attack capability.” Huawei is also involved in the telecommunications of Iran — in fact a press release from the Chinese embassy in Tehran, shown in the video, revealed that Huawei planned a takeover of Iran’s telecom market.

Additionally, India has accused Huawei employees there of espionage and of selling spy gear to the Taliban.

Concerns over Huawei have been so great that U.S. national security officials and some congressional representatives have repeatedly opposed the company’s attempts to gain access to American markets; yet Perry and others like him not only refuse to oppose the Communist government but welcome their investment dollars — at whatever cost.

Constitutionalists say it is worth noting the words of Wu Bangguo, the Chairman and Party Secretary of the National People’s Congress, the second highest-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party, who has repeatedly denounced western-style democracy:

We’ve made a solemn declaration that we will not employ a system of multiple parties holding office in rotation.

Communist China now owns a huge stake in Texas, and constitutionalists everywhere are asking the same questions Texans have been asking: How can a pro-life Governor seek to do business with a communist regime which clearly holds life to be of little value? And why does an avowed Christian bend over backward to accommodate evil? They say it is only prudent to ask why Perry — a man who may seek the highest office in the land — is not only allowing, but courting business with an enemy who has vowed to destroy America.

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