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Leftists Target West Coast Banks and CEOs

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Some of America�s most diligent Leftists have planned a series of events along the West Coast, targeting banks and the homes of bankers in much the same way that SEIU protested outside the home of Bank of America executive Greg Baer � intimidating Baer�s 13-year old son who was trapped in the house alone. The �Days of Rage� will be taking place at a host of spots in greater Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The groups have circulated a flier that reads Make Banks Pay indicates that from Monday September 26 to Thursday September 29, the demonstrators will be doing the following:

                Monday-Move Our Money! 4 pm.
                                Snow park, 20thst. and Harrison, Oakland
                Tuesday-Play Fair! 4:30 pm.
                                ATT Park, 3rdSt. at the bridge, SF
                Wednesday-Community Clean Up! 3:30 pm.
                                East Oakland
                Thursday-March in SF! 3 pm.
                                555 California St.
                Stop the Foreclosure Auctions!
                Mon. and Wed. 12 noon
                Alameda County Courthouse, 12thand Fallon, Oak

According to the same flier, The banks that created this economic crisis should get us out of it! Make them pay!

The fliers were first distributed at a protest at the Berkeley Campus last week. The fliers are also careful not to mention that the protesters will be brought to the homes of banking executives. Instead, that information can be found on the Facebook page entitled, Make Wall Street Banks Pay California. (Logo, above)

On that page, two events are listed that involve the homes of bank executives:

                Visit a Wall Street Executive at Home!-Tues
                Time: Tuesday, October 4- 4:30 pm 6:30 pm
                Location: Holmby Park
                                   601 Club View Dr.
                                   Los Angeles, CA

                Visit a Wall Street Executive at Home! Wed
                Time: Wednesday, October 5 -5:30 pm 7:30 pm
                Location: TBA

According to the Facebook Page, Wall Street executives are destroying our neighborhoods. Well be visiting the home of prominent Wall Street executive and his/her neighbors to tell them Its time for Wall Street Banks to Pay.

The Blaze reports:

The West Coast plans extend past the coming week, with more actions slated for the first week of October. The protest organizers seem to be taking a page out of the SEIU playbook, under the list of events on this Community page is a plug for two visits to the homes of banking execs.

In May 2010, a group of approximately 500 protesters from SEIU were bussed to the home of Bank of America executive Greg Baer. Baer was not home at the time, as he was out with his younger son who was playing on a softball team. Instead, Baers teenage son was home and frightened by the shouting outside. He resorted to locking himself in the bathroom until his father returned home. Baer had to fight his way through the crowd to reach his home and comfort his child.

Baers neighbor Nina Easton, a writer for Fortune magazine who witnessed the entire ordeal, said of the demonstration, Intimidation was the whole point of this exercise, and it worked-even on the police. A trio of officers who belatedly answered our calls confessed a fear that arrests might incite these trespassers.

In addition to the scheduled plans to visit the homes of bank executives, the group has also threatened vandalism with its Taking Trash to the Bank day scheduled for October 5:

                Taking Trash to the Bank-LA
                Time: Wednesday, October 5 12:00 pm 3:00 pm
                Location: Downtown Los Angeles Central Library
                                630 W. 5thSt.
                                Los Angeles, California

The group explained the purpose of this mission: The banks are foreclosing on our neighborhoods and leaving blighted houses with trash behind. Well be collected trash from one of these South LA houses and delivering it to the responsible bank.

All of the groups events can be found on the Make Banks Pay website. There, visitors can learn all about the daily plans to make banks pay. Other than that, however, little information is available about the group.

However, Dave Lagstein, the man behind the posts on the website, has a history of being a rabble-rouser. He was a former San Diego Chief Organizer for ACORN. In October 2009, he was caught on tape boasting that ACORN would be whitewashed by then Attorney General Jerry Brown. Lagstein said to a group of supporters who gathered to discuss the situation, The fault WILL be found with the people that did the video-not ACORN. As it turns out, Brown did not find fault with ACORN.

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