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Occupy Wall Street: A Drive for One-World Gov't?

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Over the course of the last few weeks, the Occupy Wall Street protests have increased in size and volume, and have been given generous attention by a sympathetic mainstream media. A number of media outlets have attempted to present the demonstrators as merely disgruntled Americans who are unhappy with the current plight of the American economy, despite evidence that the protests have been staged by Marxists, socialists, unions, and other left-wing organizations with intents greater than merely bringing light to the struggle of the average American. For those behind the demonstrations — though not necessarily the demonstrators themselves — the goal is in fact to bring about global government.

Prior to the start of the Occupy Wall Street protests, which began October 15, the UNPA Campaign — the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly — reports that a group of leftists “issued a manifesto that includes a strong call for global democracy and, in particular, democratic rule over the international financial system.”

UNPA describes itself as “a global network of parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations advocating citizen’s representation at the United Nations.” It is worth noting that the group receives much of its funds from the Ford Foundation, whose mission statement indicates that its finances will be used “to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement.” As noted by former board member Henry Ford II at the time of his resignation from the board, however, those endeavors amount to nothing more than anti-capitalist leftism. In his resignation letter, Ford wrote, "In effect, the Foundation is a creature of capitalism, a statement that, I'm sure, would be shocking to many professional staff people in the field of philanthropy. It is hard to discern recognition of this fact in anything the Foundation does. It is even more difficult to find an understanding of this in many of the institutions, particularly the universities, that are the beneficiaries of the Foundation's grant programs."  

According to UNPA Campaign, the manifesto was published in the Guardian on October 14, the eve of the international demonstrations that have taken place in over 950 cities and more than 80 countries, which are “inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests, the Arab revolutions and protests for ‘real democracy’ in Spain.”

The manifesto has the support of the UNPA Campaign, as it calls for the "democratizing" of globalist networks such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the European Central Bank, and the UN Security Council. The manifesto claims, “Undemocratic international institutions are our global Mubarak, our global Assad, our global Gaddafi. Like Mubarak and Assad, these institutions must not be allowed to run people’s lives without their consent. We are all born equal, rich or poor, woman or man. Every African and Asian is equal to every European and American. Our global institutions must reflect this, or be overturned.”

The document goes on to say “more than ever before, global forces shape people’s lives [and] citizens of the world must get control over the decisions that influence them in all levels — from global to local. That is global democracy. That is what we demand today.”

Calls for global democracy have been heard at a number of OWS protests across the nation. Advertisements announcing the OWS protest in Los Angeles, for example, asserted:

United for Global Democracy. On October 15, 2011, united in our diversity, united for global change, we demand global democracy, global governance by the people for the people, inspired by our sisters and brothers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Palestine-Israel, Spain, and Greece, we too call for a regime change, a global regime change, today we demand replacing the G8 with the whole of humanity, the G7,000,000,000.

The insidious agenda of the orchestrators of the demonstrations dangerously manipulates the fears and the angers of many of the followers and misdirects their attention to the wrong source. Rather than calling for an end to the unconstitutional Federal Reserve which is largely behind the nation’s economic woes, calling for a return to honest money that is not controlled by a global elite, and calling for an end to government regulations that violate free market principles making job growth impossible, many of the protesters are being misled to demand the surrendering of our national sovereignty to the globalists.

Revelations that George Soros’ money is behind much of the protests only solidifies the notion that global governance is at least one major goal for the protests, as he is a leading globalist who has made abundantly clear his desire for the establishment of a New World Order, wherein America no longer takes a lead role.

When announcing a large donation to the United Nations, Soros said of the Wall Street protesters, “Actually, I can understand their sentiment, frankly. I can sympathize with their grievances.”

The New American’s Alex Newman reported that Soros has not only voiced support for the protests, but has been a prime contributor of its funds:

In fact, the original call to “Occupy Wall Street” came from the magazine AdBusters, an “anti-consumerist” publication financed by, among other sources, the Soros-funded Tides Foundation.

Other Soros-backed outfits promoting big government — some with myriad ties to the Obama administration — are also publicly driving the occupation campaign., for instance, has received millions of dollars from the billionaire banker. And now, the group is urging its supporters to join the Occupy Wall Street movement as well.

Soros money has also funded the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), a leading supporter of Agenda 21, which is a UN-sponsored project that ultimately seeks to establish global government.

Likewise, one of the many enumerated demands issued by the OWS protesters is to open all borders and permit anyone to travel, live, and work anywhere they so choose. Open borders are one of the many rallying cries of globalists and those who support a one-world government because a one-world government could not survive as long as national sovereignty exists. Additionally, many of the demands, if met, would permanently entrench the United Nations — a globalist entity — as a supreme controller over a variety of different things, including elections.

Meanwhile, the demands of the OWS protesters seem to take a page right out of the Cloward and Piven Strategy for economic sabotage that would lead to the destruction of capitalism and the implementation of socialism, which has been historically proven to be a failed system. Because of the mutually assured destruction that has been guaranteed by the interlocking of the American economy with those of nations across the world, a failed U.S. economy would involve the total destruction of other economies, and therefore “require” the establishment of a world government to intervene.

Unfortunately, the globalists behind the OWS movement continue to package their motives as a drive for “democracy” and have thus far successfully duped far too many people.  

Photo: Occupy Wall Street protesters set up camp in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park.

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