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Ron Paul Still Top Tier; Some Ponder a Third-Party Bid

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Despite an utter lack of fair coverage in the mainstream media, Texas Congressman Ron Paul continues to hold his own in the race for the GOP primary. In fact, Paul may be doing even better than some are aware. According to a survey conducted by Real Clear Politics, Ron Paul is the only other GOP presidential contender besides frontrunner Mitt Romney to have a chance at defeating President Obama in a 2012 presidential race.

The survey is significant as it uses data acquired from polls conducted by Quinnipiac, Rasmussen Reports, Democracy Corps, Associated Press, Time, PPP, NBC News, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Washington Post, Reuters, and Gallup.

On average, Paul scores 41.5 percent support compared to Obama’s 47.6 percent.

The results of the survey break down as follows:

            1. Obama vs. Romney: 46.0 (D) 44.3 (R) – Obama +1.7

2. Obama vs. Paul: 47.6 (D) 41.6 (R) – Obama +6

3. Obama vs. Cain: 48.6 (D) 41.2 (R) – Obama +7.4

4. Obama vs. Huntsman: 45.7 (D) 37.0 (R) – Obama +8.7

5. Obama vs. Perry: 49.6 (D) 40.4 (R) – Obama +9.3

6. Obama vs. Gingrich: 48.7 (D) 38.0 (R) – Obama +10.7

7. Obama vs. Bachmann: 51.8 (D) 37.6 (R) – Obama +14.2

A May 2011 CNN poll revealed that Ron Paul had the best chance among Republicans to defeat President Obama in 2012. Following that poll, Sam Mohammadi of The Excavator wrote:

If Paul and Obama were to face-off in a televised debate it is clear who would win: Paul. Obama has no integrity and no ideas of his own. He is a mere puppet, a whore, a cheater. If Obama didn’t have the treasonous banks on Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the Madison Avenue propaganda machine, the military-industrial complex and the shadow government behind him then he would be a nobody.

Despite the constant assertion heard in the mainstream media that Ron Paul is unelectable or a non-viable candidate, these results seem to prove otherwise. What is most significant, perhaps, about these numbers is Paul’s consistent popularity and success in his campaign even without the support of the corporate media or lobbyists.

Last week on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, television host Bill O’Reilly declared that Ron Paul “is not going to be the nominee, there’s no chance in the world that he will be nominated for the Republican run at President Obama.”

The lack of fair coverage in the mainstream media and from the Republican Party has prompted a number of Paul’s supporters to call for Paul to run for President on a third-party ticket.

According to a new poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal, such an endeavor could “transform 2012.”

“Paul would earn the support of 18 percent of voters in a three-way race with President Obama and Mitt Romney, according to the poll, with Romney earning 32 percent and Obama receiving 44,” reports The Hill.

That figure also reveals the crossover effect Paul has on Independents and Democrats, as the 18 percent is larger than the amount of support Paul has in strictly GOP polls.

Noting the results of that poll, Paul Joseph Watson writes, “Such figures are already impressive given the fact that Paul has not even begun to harness the momentum that a third party big could generate.”

It is also worth mentioning that the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 73 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, with just over half of the country disapproving of the way President Obama is leading the nation.  

Photo of Ron Paul: AP Images


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