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OWS Rap Sheet Grows Longer

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OWS arrestThe hits just keep on coming from Occupy Wall Street. Since The New American last reported on the 204 crimes the nationwide OWS movement has been charged with committing, the movement has added another 50 or so to the list, including a rape in the city of Brotherly Love. As well, the death toll in or near the squalid OWS camps is now seven. Late last week, a man was found dead in his tent at the Occupy Salt Lake City protest.

Though the radical left, led by President Obama, has repeatedly said the OWS movement is merely a manifestation of the same concerns as the Tea Party Movement, the level of criminality and danger associated with the protests suggests otherwise.

Big Journalism’s John Nolte keeps a running tabulation of the crimes that depicts a rather more sinister element than that seen at Tea Parties.

As The New American reported last week, OWS sites are rife with criminality, most notably rape. The latest occurred in Philadelphia on Saturday. The ABC News television affiliate reported that the alleged rapist, who has a long list of crimes in Michigan, is under arrest.

But Saturday’s rape is nothing new for OWS. Rapes have occurred in Cleveland, and a woman was gang-raped in Glasgow Scotland.

In Baltimore, such is the climate of sexual violence that Occupy Baltimore authorities flatly told victims, Big Government reported, not to report rapes to the police. Instead, OB authorities suggests, a “security committee” of gumshoes from the movement itself would handle such crimes.

A communiqué from OB, republished at Big Government.com, was clear that OB does not encourage reporting crimes to police: “Though we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community, the survivor has every right, and the support of Occupy Baltimore, to report the abuse to the appropriate law enforcement,” it said.
OWB said that a fellow named “Koala” would handle rapes at the OB camp. Koala’s qualifications to investigate and solve sex crimes are still a mystery.
Beyond that frightening message, another problem keeps cropping up, or falling down, at OWS camps. Dead people.
The latest occurred in Salt Lake City, where police found a dead man in his tent. The police chief, understandably, thinks Occupy Salt Lake protestors need to quit. “We can no longer have individuals camping on our streets," Police Chief Chris Burbank said, KSL Newsradio reported. "We as a city just cannot tolerate this going on."
The chief has said OSL protestors may no longer camp out over night at protest site, Pioneer Park. The deceased died of carbon monixide poisoning and a drug overdose, KSL reported.
As well, the radio station reported, “Since the Occupy Salt Lake movement began Oct. 6, bike patrol officers have made 91 arrests at Pioneer Park, mainly for misdemeanor drug- and alcohol-related crimes, according to Burbank.
Four people were arrested following a fight at the park at 3:30 a.m. Thursday that involved about 30 people.
Police say many of those arrested since October are people whom they've dealt frequently with in the past, including transients prior to the protest. But since the ban on camping at the park was put on hold, many of those people have been able to do illegal activities at the park and have a tent to shield their activities.
Unsurprisingly, the OSL contingent opposes ending their “occupation” and released a statement, KSL reported: “"Let's be clear: we have been providing food, shelter, and health care services.”
To react by shutting this down will lead to more people dying alone, cold, hungry and without shelter," it read. "Occupy SLC is putting a spotlight on untreated mental health issues, substance abuse, homelessness, and poverty in our community."
Two other deaths at OWS camps occurred on Thursday. A man was shot in Oakland, Calif., during a squabble over marijuana, while a military veteran shot himself in Burlington, CBS News reported.
Taken together, since Oct. 26, cops arrested 108 OWS protesters in Albuquerque (40), Portland, Ore., (51) and Albany, N.Y. (20). In Portland, occupiers smashed bank windows.
Just today, police in New York arrested at least 200 when they finally cleared out Zuccotti Park, known as the “birthplace” of the movement. Leftist Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the protestors had to be removed because no one else could use the park.

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