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MSNBC Retracts Romney KKK Smear

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MSNBC tried connecting GOP contender Mitt Romney to the KKK early this week, but wound up with egg on its face and was forced to apologize. Such was the embarrassment that talker Chris Matthews, the host of Hardball, called the smear "appalling."

More interesting, however, is where the network dug up the egregious but unspoken calumny. It originated in the febrile work of a homosexual leftist. He had learned that the Ku Klux Klan once used a three-word slogan that Romney repeated last week. The offensive words? Keep America American.

MSNBC picked up the silly blog post, then aired a piece that clearly implied Romney keeps a white hood in his closet. But such was the outage in the report that the network retracted a scurrilous lie. Even Al Sharpton, an impressario at manufacturing false claims of racism, agree the network erred.

The Slogan

MSNBC tacitly suggested that should Romney take the White House, he and a group of cross-burning night riders would instigate an orgy of terror upon blacks, Jews, and homosexuals.

Reported MSNBCs Thomas Roberts in one of the leftist networks Sidebar features, So you might not hear Mitt Romney say "keep America American" anymore. That's because it was a central theme of the KKK in the 1920s. It was a rallying cry for the group's campaign of violence and intimidation against blacks, gays and Jews. The progressive blog America blog was the first to catch onto that.

The implicit smear began at the leftist AmericaBlog, which is run by a homosexual Republican-turned Democrat named John Aravosis. One of his more notable escapades was ending the television career of famed Jewish radio moralist, Laura Schlesinger, with his Stop Dr. Laura campaign.

Aravosis complaint against Romney? The former governor of Massachusetts used the phrase Keep America American. Indeed, He's said it repeatedly for over a year now, Aravosis charged, and has used it, the blogger complained, in the past.

He even said it again four days ago in Iowa, Aravosis observed. Romney Adopts KKK Slogan: Keep America American the headline said.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Romney was in Iowa campaigning, and hoped to improve his fortunes against Newt Gingrich, who is now neck-and-neck with Romney.

Reported the Times, Mitt Romney and his supporters moved to prop up his faltering campaign Friday, unleashing millions of dollars of ads across Iowa and trying to connect personally with the voters who will cast the nation's first ballots in January.

A Romney-sympathetic super PAC an independent group that can raise unlimited sums launched a $3.1-million, three-week ad buy across the state. The 30-second television commercial contrasts Romney's job-creation record with President Obama's.

The Times reported that Romney was answering questions when he unbosomed the KKKs patented slogan.

Said Romney, according to the Times, There are people in this room who are informed and who care about this election, who recognize that this is a defining time for America.

We have on one side a president who wants to transform America into a European-style nation, and you have on other hand someone like myself that wants to turn around America and keep America American with the principals that made us the greatest nation on Earth. And I will do that with your help.

Though Romneys use of the phrase clearly referred President Barack Obamas efforts to European-style statism upon the country, Aravosis twisted his meaning.

The KKK also used the slogan, Aravosis reported, linking to the book Why You Should Become A Klansman. And, again, this isnt the first time Romney has said it. He also used the term in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference last year, Aravosis noted. Ergo, the Mormon businessman must be a secret Klansman.

MSNBC Apologizes

Of course, Roberts called Americablog progressive, leaving out the truth that Aravosis is an angry homosexual on a mission, of sorts.

Unsurprisingly, the MSNBC backpeddled. That evening Hardball host Matthews, no stranger to smears himself, offered an apology: During the11am hour on MSNBC today, we reported on a blog item that compared a phrase used by the Romney campaign to one used by the KKK way back in the1920s. It was irresponsible and incendiary of us to do this, and it showed an appalling lack of judgment. We apologize, we really do, to the Romney campaign.

Even professional race hustler Al Sharpton chimed in. As Newsbusters Mike Finkelstein quipped, Q. How do you know when MSNBC has sunk to unimaginable depths of Dem-partisan hackery? A. When even Al Sharpton renounces it.

One note before I go, Sharpton began. I want to say this.

MSNBC apologized tonight for reporting earlier today on a blog attempt that compared a phrase used by Mitt Romney to one once used by the Ku Klux Klan something I'm passionate about. But as someone who's been a victim of unproven innuendo and half-truths, I agree the report was not proper if you could not nail down all the facts. And this network did the right thing by apologizing.

Aravosis Confused

Now, Aravosis is perplexed because what he reported about Romney is technically true, and cannot fathom why MSNBC apologized: So what part of that is wrong," he asked, "and what part of that deserves an effusive apology such as Chris Matthews gaves [sic] this evening on MSNBC? And it was one hell of an apology.

Clearly, Mitt Romney went ballistic at MSNBC behind the scenes over this story, which is telling. But again, what part of the story is wrong? Is the Romney campaign seriously going to keep using an old KKK slogan? I somehow doubt it.

Aravosis also believes the media would have pilloried Obama if his campaign had used such a KKK slogan. And can you imagine what the networks would have done if the Obama campaign were using an old KKK slogan, even inadvertently? the homosexual blogger wrote:

Oh the never ending prime-time debate it would create. But, as always, when a Republican is on the receiving end of the criticism, it's no big deal, and in fact, you're a bad person for even mentioning it.

Aravosis Vs. Dr. Laura

Aravosis Americablog is rated as a top destination for disgruntled homosexuals on the Internet. One of the former Republicans claims to fame is the Stop Dr. Laura campaign, which targeted her television program. Her mistake? She correctly observed that homosexual acts are objectively disordered and that homosexuals are deviants who often target underage boys. The Catholic Church found that out the hard way after it permitted a homosexual underground to establish itself in the priesthood. The mistake has cost the Church billions of dollars, as well as damage to the Church's image sufficient to handicap its ministry.

Anyway, Aravosis and his gay mafia hammered Dr. Lauras advertisers. According to the website, the effort made history one year later on March 30, 2001 with the cancelation of Dr. Laura Schlessingers television show.

The year-long campaign against Dr. Laura coordinated via this Web site and all done on an $18,000 budget, most of it raised from the online sale of t-shirts so exposed Dr. Laura's anti-gay rhetoric to the world, that she could not even sneeze without the major national media, and thousands of individual activists like yourselves, watching, recording her every word, and pouncing when action was needed. As a result of the 50+ million hits this pro bono site received in just 10 months, and the 300,000 visitors per month that we continued to get throughout the campaign, protests were organized in 34 cities across the country and Canada, over 170 advertisers dropped Dr. Lauras TV show (including some 70 or so advertisers that Canadian activists got to drop her in that country alone!), and over 30 advertisers dropped her radio show, reportedly costing her over $30 million in advertising.

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