VIDEO - The establishment swamp of Washington, D.C., has been freaking out over President Trump's decision to fire FBI chief James Comey. But as The New American's correspondent Alex Newman explains in this video, they are basing their phony outrage on debunked conspiracy theories that have no evidence behind them. The real reason for the swamp's outrage, then, may have something to do with the concerns of swamp creatures that their fellow establishment globalist will no longer be able to protect them.

As expected, Trump's budget for Fiscal Year 2018 is what skeptics expected: Growth plus lower taxes is said to balance the budget by 2027 — though much of it is based on hope and gimmicks.

Sheriff David Clarke has been accused of plagiarism, but since Clarke takes a conservative position on most issues, he is a predictable target for increased scrutiny by the Left.

It would be hard to find someone less qualified and more dangerous to fill the slot of FBI director than former senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman, but Trump interviewed him anyway.

The credibility of the mainstream media takes another hit, this time from a surprising source.

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