President Trump ended a meeting with top Democrats after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made incendiary comments about him in an earlier press conference. Naturally, the media blamed Trump and gave Pelosi a pass.  

Forty-three percent of Americans think socialism would be a good thing for the United States, while 51 percent think it would be a bad thing, a Gallup poll found.

Representative Justin Amash (R-Mich.) became the first Republican to call for President Trump’s impeachment.  

Some may note about our country’s left-right divide that if our nation were a marriage, there’d have been a divorce long ago. And this is precisely the idea in certain states where large urban areas dominate politically, such as New York and Washington — and Illinois, where a movement has been brewing to kick Chicago out of the state.

To close the bogus “gender pay gap,” Senator Kamala Harris wants the federal government to police every company’s wage and promotion decisions and to fine companies that allegedly pay women and men unequally.

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