According to recent polling data, the top two 2020 choices for Democrats are clearly Biden and Sanders. Also, liberal “Republican” Bill Weld has announced he will run on the GOP ticket against Trump in 2020.

The anti-Kavanaugh crackpots have tried to sink the U.S. Supreme Court associate justice once again, and once again they have failed.

The recently released transcript of testimony from the FBI’s top lawyer before a joint congressional committee hearing confirms that the “collusion” during the 2016 presidential was not between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Frustrated that the Mueller report didn’t find anything of substance to hang around the president’s neck, House Democrats are now going after the president’s tax returns. Will this turn out to be a repeat of the Mueller report?

It looks like Joe Biden, who earned the moniker “Creepy Joe” for making women feel uncomfortable in his presence, is in trouble again.

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