Far from uniting America as 9/11 temporarily did, the Wuhan virus pandemic is further illustrating her profound political divide. In fact, as anti-lockdown protests arise across the nation, left-wing activists dropped makeshift body bags in front of President Trump’s properties. Moreover, authorities under a governor who recently said the Bill of Rights is “above my pay grade” just arrested a woman for organizing an anti-lockdown rally in their state capital.

In this time of The Virus, spreading faster than the disease are the restrictions and government trespasses designed to combat it. The latest examples are healthcare workers sharing Wuhan-flu-positive patients’ addresses with the police and a Michigan judge authorizing the arrest of people suspected of harboring the virus if law enforcement deems such action necessary.

Not too many people showed up at the anti-lockdown protest in Richmond, Virginia, yesterday, but at least they made their point.

Marina Abramović, the controversial performance artist who came under scrutiny for her e-mail to John Podesta, was the star of an ill-received Microsoft ad.   

Did we just learn that New Jersey governor Phil Murphy didn’t mean a word of the oath of office he took in 2018? Back then he “solemnly” swore to “support” and “bear true faith and allegiance” to the United States Constitution. Now he says “That’s above my pay grade” when asked if his Wuhan virus lockdown orders violate the Constitution.

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