The recent presidential contest made clear that the mainstream media is biased, but the bigger story is the extent to which the intelligence community took a role in the campaigning.

Examples of fake news — which encompass outright fabrications as well as gross distortions and censorship of real news — have become so egregious and commonplace that it is impossible to list them all. This short article cites but a fraction of the fake news proliferation.

Via admissions against interest and Freedom of Information requests, it is well documented that many reporters publish stories at the behest of government and globalists.

The national chairman of the Democratic Party has made it clear: If you are going to be a Democrat candidate for public office, you had better be pro-abortion.



Recent election failures have Democrats wondering, “When is it our turn?” Yet universally missed amidst Republican triumphalism and Democrat despair is that when it comes to winning civilization’s loss — or, as some put it, advancing the “progressive” agenda — the Left is batting 1,000.

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