The latest voter survey from Quinnipiac University shows that Joe Biden would defeat President Trump by “landslide proportions” if the election were held now. But the polls showed the same thing when the Democratic candidate was Hillary Clinton.


The Trump administration has asserted executive privilege over information regarding the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census, as House Democrats attempt to prove the question will be added for nefarious purposes.

Long leftist bugaboos owing to their financing of conservative and libertarian causes and candidates, brothers Charles and David Koch are now showing their liberal side: They’re allying with tech companies, universities, and fellow billionaires to quash what they call “online extremism.”

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, his likely Democrat opponent in November 2020, touched gloves on Tuesday in Iowa and then came out swinging.

As the Deep State cabal escalates its “Game of Thrones” coup d’etat efforts against President Trump, why are top-level officials of his administration hobnobbing with the coup masterminds?

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