Disgruntled government employees, unhappy over Trump's victory, have said they might quit their jobs, accomplishing part of Trump's plan to decrease government spending, without him lifting a finger. 

David Clarke, sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin — a strong advocate for the right to keep and bear arms — is reportedly under consideration by President-elect Trump to join his administration.

The betrayal by General David Petraeus of the Second Amendment, combined with his seamy exposure of state secrets to his mistress, is forcing Trump to look elsewhere for his secretary of state.

Will Trump change his mind and embrace the theory that human activity is causing the earth to heat — based on the views of former Vice President Al Gore, and also his own daughter Ivanka, who wants to make global climate change her "signature issue"?

Immediately following the presidential elections, well-organized protesters appeared in big cities across the country, spewing hate and spreading violence — paid for that purpose.

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