Hillary Clinton has been under the protection of a “Shadow Government,” according to an FBI document which is part of the investigation into her use of a private e-mail server during the time she was secretary of state. The “Shadow Government” — the exact term used in the FBI document — included among its “known regular attendees” some well-known and powerful people.

The campaign of Independent candidate Evan McMullin in Utah could throw the presidential election into the House of Representatives for it to decide who becomes president. What would happen then?

Clinton wins “by a landslide” — in the corruption department. So says columnist, New York Times bestselling author, and admitted Clinton “bagman” Jeff Rovin. And he has 24-years' worth of documentation to back this claim up.

Hillary Clinton's statement that she wants no borders for the United States is a much more important subject than who hacked her e-mails. Furthermore, there is absolutely no proof that the hack was perpetrated by the Russians.

Recent undercover videos exposing Democrat plots to commit vote fraud and incite violence at Donald Trump events have so far cost two Democrat operatives their jobs. Now yet another video features one of those operatives revealing that Hillary Clinton engaged in what has been called “illegal coordinated campaign expenditures.”

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