A government watchdog group has learned that the same policy that the Internal Revenue Service used to target conservative and Tea Party tax exemption applications remains in place today, which ultimately means that the agency may continue to discriminate against political opponents without breaking any rules.

While the idea of a TV personality such as Oprah Winfrey being a presidential candidate would at one time have seemed ludicrous, Donald Trump's own success has demonstrated that the "queen of daytime," an ardent liberal, should be taken seriously.

During a speech to automobile company executives and workers in Michigan, President Trump promised to restore the federal government’s review of fuel efficiency standards.

After repeatedly attacking Senator Ted Cruz and Secretary Hillary Clinton for their financial ties to Goldman Sachs, President Trump now appears on track to appoint a record number of the notorious banking goliath's operatives to key positions in his own administration.

As first lady, Michelle Obama was able to get the federal government to dictate her own personal preferences as to what constituted a healthy lunch for school children. Will President Trump and the Republican Congress now throw out her unpopular lunch?

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