Among the e-mails released on October 10 by WikiLeaks were several indicating that the Clinton campaign exercised veto power over the content of a New York Times report — and that a CNBC reporter offered advice to the Clinton campaign.

A top UN human rights official has declared that Donald Trump is "dangerous," raising the question of to whom is he dangerous?

When Laura Pressley lost a race for the Austin City Council despite strong poll numbers, she suspected vote fraud. When she tried to investigate, she was stymied at every turn.

Hillary Clinton has complained about a supposed “War on Women,” but many say that she has long waged her own war on women. Leveling this charge most recently is Kathy Shelton, who at 12 years of age was raped by a 41-year-old man — and then, she says, was raped psychologically by Clinton.

The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was yet another exercise in liberal media bias. Almost from the beginning, the tone was clear: Trump would be taken to task and held to answering direct questions while Clinton would be allowed to redirect, obfuscate, and dodge. The pattern held true throughout the debate.

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