The Obama administration has set a record by publishing 527 pages of federal regulations in one day.

The desire of President Obama to open trade with Communist Cuba, with the full support of Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton, may have cost the Democrats Florida —  the second time the Cuban vote has swung the state Republican.

President-elect Donald Trump announced on November 18 that he plans to nominate Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as attorney general for his new administration.

Trump is making his Cabinet selections, and the name of his chief rival for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz, has popped up in discussion for the post of attorney general.

VIDEO - With all of the unrest and attention of Donald Trump becoming President-elect last week, one of the larger stories that has fallen through the cracks was the defeat of long time Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of Arizona. Arpaio has served as Sheriff since 1993 and has been in the headlines for many controversial items, including his position on illegal immigration and President Obama’s qualifications for the White House. So what’s next for the Sheriff? Immigration expert Andy Ramirez has some suggestions.

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