A pro-life Democratic congressman is learning the hard way that bucking the progressive agenda can be detrimental to a Democrat's political future.





If the government shut down and no one reported it, would most of us notice? The current government “shutdown” is the 19th in American history, yet the Earth still turns on its axis, the seas still rise and fall, the seasons still come and go — and Uncle Sam still owns possibly the largest government in world history.

The nation faces a government shutdown as of midnight, January 19, if senators don’t approve a budget bill, but Senator Paul is more concerned about the deficit than a shutdown.




The latest conspiracy theory, over which the media was aflutter, concerns alleged secret cells in the White House — fat cells. Dubbed the “Girther” movement, the suspicion is that President Trump is lying about his height and/or weight. 


President Trump tweeted the winners of his “Fake News Awards” on the evening of January 17, documenting his criticism of the news media with indisputable graphics.

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