VIDEO - Heather Hobbs, pro-life speaker with Save the 1 discuses Illinois proposed legislation that would bar state employees, officers, board members, or agents from traveling using state funds to other states that have passed pro-life legislation. The bill’s sponsor, Daniel Didech (D-Ill.), who represents Illinois' 59th district, located in the Chicago metropolitan area, describes pro-life laws as being “very dangerous.”

Hillary Clinton isn’t just raising hell on her endless “Why I’m not president” excuse tour. She’s also still raising money via her campaign, helping fuel speculation that she may be entertaining a third White House run.

Recently unearthed evidence suggests that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she was fired after a single year of teaching public school because she got pregnant is false.

In the rush to impeach President Trump for the phone call with Ukrainian President Voloymyr Zelensky, the Democrats might have miscalculated politically, and, in the end, exonerate Trump and convict the Bidens, Clinton, and others.

Pelosi’s fears are being realized: impeachment threats are driving both money and independents to Trump’s camp.

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