A new activist handbook provides a how-to program for “progressive” Democrats to take back the White House, as well as the Senate, and expand their new majority in the House of Representatives.

The decision means Acosta can return to the White House and continue disrupting press conferences and arguing with the president with leftist talking points disguised as questions.

It is hypocritical to say vote fraud hardly ever happens, but to charge it every time you lose a close election, as is the case in Georgia.

Senator Kamala Harris, the leftist Democrat from California, thinks that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is analogous to the Ku Klux Klan.

VIDEO - William F. Jasper discusses with Christian Gomez about the effects the big media as well as internet giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google had on the midterm elections. Republicans lost some seats in the House, but William points out that it's not as bad as devastating as the media is making it out to be. Jasper also reflects on the potential changes that will be happening from the results.

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