Rachel MaddowLeftist MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is being figuratively ripped apart by critics after her embarrassing, half-baked attack on the resurgence of state efforts to nullify unconstitutional federal statutes attracted a barrage of ridicule and criticism from scholars, pundits, and patriots.

The notorious abortion group Planned Parenthood, recently exposed for having spent millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars lobbying and electing democrats, again escaped being cut off from the federal dole as the Senate voted 58 to 42 on April 14 to block a House bill defunding the organization. 

“A go-along, get-along Republican” who “doesn’t have stomach for a fight.” Those were the words used by Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips to describe Speaker of the House John Boehner after Boehner cut a deal with Democrats to keep the federal government funded.

Nearly a week after the budget deal in Congress was approved, Americans and analysts are still reeling over the proximity of a government shutdown, and even worse, the fraudulent nature of the supposed “savings” found in the deal.

Conservative pundit Mark Levin (picture, left) called the budget deal a “historic scam,” while Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider went a step further, dubbing it a “gigantic fraud.”

When former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (pictured) was being interviewed on CNN last week, he was asked if he would accept the position as Donald Trump’s running mate for President, he responded: “I’m running for President. I’m not putting my hat in the ring rhetorically or ultimately for vice president so I’m focused on running for president. ” Host Piers Morgan jumped on his statement immediately:

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