Yesterday, Gallup poll released the results of its poll conducted from April 30-23 that reveals an unprecedented and dramatic change in the nation�s political climate. According to the poll, a majority of Americans, and, most notably, Republicans, believe that the United States needs a third political party.

The poll indicates that fifty-two percent of Republicans support the creation of a major, third political party, and an even greater number of Tea Party supporters made the same assertions. According to The Hill, the data �underscores the occasional tensions between grassroots conservatives and the GOP establishment.�


In a moment, perhaps, of unintended clarity, potential presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said, “You have to govern in a way that is different than the way you campaign.”

Last week, Amtrak began a week-long celebration marking its 40th anniversary. Unfortunately, given the company’s track record and inability to turn a profit throughout its tenure, even Amtrak’s founder notes that there is not much to celebrate.

Diana DiazU.S. Border Patrol agents' union-dues money is being used to fund a variety of pro-amnesty and anti-border enforcement politicians while agents are being denied the full benefits they were expecting in case of trouble, revealed Liberty News Network national correspondent Andy Ramirez in a new video report.

medicineWriters Carl Hulse and Jackie Calmes, in the New York Times, could scarcely contain their delight that House Republicans have decided to put any proposed changes to Medicare on the shelf for the time being. Recognizing that Medicare modifications are a critical component of Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) “Road Map,” the pair ascribed the Republicans’ backing off to “the difficulties and political perils of addressing the nation’s long-term fiscal problems.” Translation: Democrat control of the Senate assures that any attempt to modify Medicare at present will meet certain and ignominious defeat.

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