James O'Keefe, the young conservative journalist who brought down ACORN in a series a secretly recorded videos, has done it again. This time, he bamboozled two top executives of National Public Radio into having lunch with members of a fictive Muslim educational organization supposedly founded by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

After spending more than three weeks in Illinois seeking to block a Republican reform bill aimed at reining in a multi-billion dollar deficit and the powerful government-sector unions, at least some of Wisconsin’s 14 missing Democratic state Senators could be preparing to return to Madison, according to news reports.

Pro- and anti-reform activists in Wisconsin are seeking to recall state Senators over Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to rein in spending and the powerful government-employee unions that have been protesting the measure for more than three weeks. The efforts are drawing support and money from across the nation as conservative and liberal groups, along with a battery of unions, urge their members and supporters to get involved.

State and local pensions are underfunded by at least $1.5 trillion and perhaps even more, the Washington Post divulged in a detailed examination of the crisis.

Scott WalkerDespite weeks of hysteria by some demonstrators over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed reforms, the truth is that the state is facing a very real budget crisis — billions and billions of dollars in deficits and unfunded liabilities — and the reforms being pursued by Republicans are hardly radical.

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