Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Taxation is the price we pay for civilization.” What would the good jurist think of Tennessee, then?

Though National Public Radio’s CEO Vivian Schiller technically resigned from the leftist network after video recordings surfaced of another NPR executive calling Tea Party members racists, she did so under pressure from NPR’s board of directors. In other words, it was resign or be fired.

As long as we have government, we will have government trying to find ways to get money. In the early days of our nation, when the needs of government were modest, the ways of raising revenue were modest as well.

The Wisconsin Senate caused an uproar after splitting its budget-repair legislation into two parts to be able to pass government-union reform provisions even without the Democratic state senators, all of whom fled to Illinois weeks ago in an effort block the proposal by preventing the super-majority quorum required for fiscal votes.

Idaho state capitolUnion spokesmen for government workers have expressed fears that Governor Scott Walker’s actions in Wisconsin would result in a domino effect of union-restricting legislation across the nation. As it turns out, these fears may not be unfounded, as Idaho state legislators have now passed a bill similar to that favored by Walker in Wisconsin. However, many voters and taxpayers disagree with union officials that reducing the power of government employee unions is a bad thing.

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