Michael CapuanoPerhaps the mainstream media was a bit too busy searching for violence within the Tea Party movement to notice that a Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday it was time for the Wisconsin protesters to “get a little bloody.”

cover story CPACMany Americans, including a growing number of political figures, claim to be conservatives. Not only do some attach this label to themselves, media operatives fasten it on a veritable parade of others, some of whom they wish to harm with the label and some of whom they seek to boost, however unworthily. But the wide-ranging views, some even contradictory, issued by these individuals should result in a good deal of head scratching. Why? Simply because, currently, there isn’t any commonly accepted definition of what it means to be a “conservative.”

As Congress nears its March 4 deadline for the expiration of the current continuing resolution that is funding the federal government, and budget negotiations between Congressional Republicans and Democrats are at a standstill, politicians are facing the reality of a potential government shutdown. For some, however, a shutdown could have potentially positive consequences.

In anticipation of the 2012 election season, President Obama�s campaign organization, Organizing for America, is preparing for Summer camp to recruit and train a new group of community organizers. The mission of the �Summer Organizing Fellowship� reads: �Effective organizing doesn�t happen in a vacuum. It takes commitment, time, and hard work to build a movement around a cause.�

As the intense protests in Wisconsin move into their second week, The New American took a look at Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed reforms, critics’ claims, as well as the fiscal situation of the state. It turns out state and local governments are facing massive deficits, and the unfunded government-employee pension liabilities are enormous. The so-called “budget repair bill” would aim to start solving some of the problems.

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