Tom DeLayFormer House of Representatives Majority Leader Tom DeLay was convicted on November 24 of money-laundering charges in a state trial five years after his indictment, which forced DeLay’s resignation years ago.

Best known for his unseemly outburst "You lie!" during President Obama's speech on immigration reform in September, 2009, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) was just re-elected to Congress for a sixth term. Beating his rival for the seat by 10 points, Wilson ran as a Tea Party favorite.

The Constitution explicitly prohibits titles of nobility. Members of government in America were intended to be citizens and not rulers. The last thing our Founding Fathers wanted was a class of Americans who were legally special and elevated. One of the noblest of the many fine character qualities of George Washington was his humility — he relinquished power. He was, perhaps, the first commanding general of a revolutionary government who quietly set aside his vast potential power to go home — to Mount Vernon.

After suffering embarrassing losses in this year’s midterm elections, the Left has looked for various scapegoats to explain the now historic results. Those blamed for the midterm elections include Nancy Pelosi, the failure to adequately sell ObamaCare, Fox News, and conservative fundraising efforts. Since Pelosi has been re-elected to a leadership position by the Democratic Party, ObamaCare is being challenged by a number of Republican lawmakers, and Glenn Beck’s popularity grows in the face of steadfast opposition, the Left has been left to contend with the successful efforts of conservative fundraisers. One distinguished liberal believes he has found a solution.

Robert WelchItem: In the November 14 segment of its five-part series The Right All Along: The Rise, Fall and Future of Conservatism, hosted by Brit Hume, Fox News leveled a sustained blast at The John Birch Society, laying accolades on the late William F. Buckley for “expelling” the Birchers from the conservative movement.

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