Yesterday night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reluctantly pulled the 1,900 page $1.1 trillion omnibus bill laden with earmarks that would have funded the federal government through September 2011 from the Senate floor. Aware that the bill would face tremendous opposition and delays, Reid instead announced that he would work with Republican leaders on a smaller, short-term budget to avoid what would have become a government shutdown.

At approximately midnight on Thursday, the House of Representatives voted 277-148 to pass the tax cut legislation approved in the Senate on Wednesday. According to the Washington Post, the House vote was delayed on Thursday by a "last-minute uprising by liberal Democrats demanding an opportunity to express their fierce opposition to the measure."

In the wake of Michael Steele�s announcement that he would be seeking reelection for the position of Republican National Committee Chairman, a variety of opponents have come forward to challenge him, including former political director Gentry Collins, and former Michigan GOP leader Saul Anuzis. Steele has faced harsh criticism from a number of Republicans, particularly over his financial mishandling of RNC funds as well as his recent gaffes.

There is bad news and good news in the front offices of the rock 'n' roll franchise known as Bon Jovi. The bad news is that the band failed to make the cut for this year's Rock Hall of Fame inductees. The good news is that the band's front man, Jon Bon Jovi, was named by President Obama to the White House Council for Community Solutions, a group of influential individuals from differing walks of life who essentially help think up ways to spend tax dollars on mostly wasteful social programs.

Is America destined to move from a two party system to a three or four party system? Is it moving towards a political system without political parties at all? The Huffington Post, with its predictable attack on the putative "Far Right," with special venom reserved for the John Birch Society, suggests that the rise of the Tea Party has produced an attack from the Right on the Republican Party which may -- with the Left disillusioned with Obama -- lead to four political parties.

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