In the year's following the 9/11 attacks, airports' "security systems" have been openly criticized for a number of reasons, ranging from their inconvenience to their failure to actually secure passengers. The addition of the intrusive naked body scanners and invasive patdown procedures to airport "security" has evoked even more anger from passengers who are now beginning to revolt in the form of lawsuits and even physical altercations.

A lame duck session of Congress -- already considering the Food Safety Act -- will vote on the DREAM Act related to immigration as well as the U.S. Defense Authorization bill, "Don't ask, don't tell," and the new START treaty if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi get their way.

Despite the incessant imploring by some of the wiser Democrats for Nancy Pelosi to step aside as leader of the party, the majority of the House Democrats elected her to preside over the new Democratic minority in the 112th session of Congress, proving what Americans have declared in the midterm elections to be true — that the Democrats are far removed from the will of the American people.

Steven Rattner, former counselor to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, celebrated in Huffington Post, “In the end, it was a blow out!” With the old General Motors successfully selling shares in its new General Motors at $33 per share, taxpayers will allegedly be getting back part of the $50 billion in bailout money used to rescue the company 17 months ago.

Lisa Murkowski made history yesterday when she became the first person elected to the Senate as a write-in candidate since South Carolina’s Strom Thurmond in 1954. Two weeks after Election Day, and thousands of counted write-in ballots later, the Associated Press declared Lisa Murkowski the winner of the Alaska Senate race.

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