The ideologically motivated termination of Juan Williams by National Public Radio has drawn ire from many Americans. Government-owned, government-sponsored, and government-regulated media will almost always create an inclination to genuflect to the opinions of those who run government — which will over time blossom into full-blown kowtows to the powers of state. What has happened to Juan Williams is simply one example of what Americans see in PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

President Barack Obama made a quick trip to Rhode Island on October 25 for some campaign-related events. The five hours he spent there were not without some controversy.

ABC News reported the results of its latest poll indicating that the American public’s optimism had just hit a 36-year low. A quick scan of the headline, however, revealed that 75 percent of those polled “still call America the greatest country in the world.”

"I won't take any PAC money from banks that took TARP funds, nor would I take it from the top executive," Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, told Roll Call in February 2009.

In May 2008, the Dallas Morning News questioned why, America’s largest online retailer, didn’t charge sales taxes even though it maintained a distribution center in Irving, Texas, between Dallas and Fort Worth. The question resulted in an investigation by the Texas comptroller’s office, and now the state has sent a $269 million bill (including penalties and interest) to Amazon for uncollected sales taxes.

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