Most of the announcements by large U.S. corporations that they intend to soon hire Americans in large numbers appear to be more political than economic.

President-elect Trump is being criticized for his response to Representative John Lewis, who said that Trump is not a "legitimate" president. But does Lewis' status as an icon of the Civil Rights movement entitle him to say whatever he wants without being challenged?

VIDEO - With the upcoming Presidential Inauguration, Department of Homeland Security expert Andy Ramirez discusses the problems and fixes that appointed Secretary John F. Kelly will have his work cut out for.

Media organizations having spent weeks attempting to validate the outrageous claims in the leaked "dossier" on Trump. Yet time and again, point by point, the “dossier” has been shown to have glaring falsehoods.

Donald Trump once enjoyed a fairly friendly relationship with the mainstream media. Then he ran for president. As a Republican. On an “America First” platform. The relationship soured quickly. As bad as Candidate Trump’s relationship with media was, President-elect Trump’s relationship with media is worse. It appears that some media organizations are willing to risk everything in an effort to bring him down.

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