North Carolina Democratic Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed a measure that would have protected babies born alive during a late-term abortion, proving once again that the Democratic Party has become the “pro-infanticide” party.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has delivered what she calls “A Message from the Future.” It’s presented in a slick video about how she saved the world via her Green New Deal.

As the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center implodes amid scandals involving racism, sexism, and discrimination, a powerful coalition of conservative and Christian organizations is urging Big Tech and Big Media to dump the group as well.

Chase bank has closed the accounts of several conservative activists and media figures in recent weeks, without providing any reason for doing so.

As American Democrats move farther and farther to the left, it might be instructive to note where such leftist policies lead. Oftentimes, they lead to homelessness and filth.

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