It’s an interesting marketing approach: Insult the majority of the country and give most of your fans a slap in the face. This is precisely what the NFL has been doing in pandering to its kneeling numbskulls, and now one of the country’s biggest talk-show hosts has said as much in a scathing monologue. 

In its eagerness to promote its anti-gun agenda, WaPo massaged the data to fit.

Today a federal appeals court will hear a case brought by Judicial Watch on whether 238 pages of documents concerning Hillary Clinton’s possible involvement in the Whitewater scandal should be made public.

When Donald Trump tweeted his accusation in March that former President Obama’s administration had wiretapped his communications and those of his close associates, the liberal establishment attacked Trump, claiming he was making wild accusations without any basis in truth. It is now clear that Trump was on the right track, and the liberal establishment was — as usual — out in left field. Because now, even CNN is reporting that the Obama administration “wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman” Paul Manafort.

Freedom was a word that might offend the Saudis, so then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deleted it from her 2010 speech at a women's university in Saudi Arabia, e-mails reveal.

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