President Trump has urged Alabama voters to elect former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore to the Senate in the December 12 special election.

The Senate voted early Saturday morning along party lines to pass the tax-reform bill Republicans desperately need to help them during mid-term elections next year, with Republican Senator Bob Corker the only "conservative" with the temerity even to ask about the impact the final bill will have on the national debt.



A man who served in Vietnam with now-Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, and who is now a lawyer, has some interesting things to say about the judge's character. The question is, do we want to hear the truth?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the real agenda of the leadership of Black Lives Matter has little to do with advancing the lives of black people.

Mo Brooks, who ran against Roy Moore in the Republican Senate primary, believes Moore is telling the truth and that the yearbook inscription used in ugly accusation against him is a forgery.

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