Attorney General Jeff Sessions will meet with state attorneys general to discuss a “growing concern” that tech companies may be “intentionally stifling” free speech.

A senior official in the Trump administration supposedly admitted in an “anonymous” New York Times piece that he or she, and many other top figures, are deliberately conspiring to sabotage the president's agenda, an agenda that the American people voted for in the 2016 election. The supposed writer even suggested that members of Trump's Cabinet had considered calling him crazy and removing him under the 25th Amendment. Assuming the Times is not lying, which is not necessarily a good assumption considering the left-wing paper's long history of lies, the op-ed confirms once again the existence of a subversive “Deep State” that will defy its own boss — and the American people who constitutionally elected him — to advance a globalist agenda that is unconstitutional and was soundly rejected by voters at the polls. Trump, though, suggested he would be getting the last laugh.

“Don’t Impeach Trump, Annul His Presidency,” reads the headline. Illustrating how dangerous the Left has become, this wasn’t written by some unpaid HuffPo pablum propagandist who dons a mask with Antifa part time, but by ex-Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

Should a certain famous saying now be, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies — and polls?” 

Another stalwart in the Democratic Party's Old White Guard, Michael Capuano, went down in flames on Tuesday.

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