There are varying degrees of fake news, from spin to outright fabrication. What CNN has been doing for the past few months is an extreme — but far from singular — example of manufacturing “news” out of thin air. People — known for celebrity gossip — is (not for the first time) wading in out of its depth in its upcoming print issue in an apparent attempt to capitalize on the anti-Trump fake news market.

The liberal mainstream media — caught time and again producing fake news — is still flogging the story of Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya last summer. And while playing a rousing game of pin-the-rumor-on-the-Trump, they continue to ignore facts inconvenient to their made-up narrative. Case in point: That Russian lawyer spent years working closely with Democrats.

Oregon officials believe President Ronald Reagan was right: If it moves, tax it.

Is a seemingly innocuous request by President Trump's election commission a prelude to a federal registry of all voters?

There’s one great exception to the rule that it’s easier to destroy than create: big government programs. This truth is painfully evident in the effort to reform ObamaCare.

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