David Axelrod & ObamaSince he was asking about things that had already happened back in February, George Stephanopoulos might as well have asked White House adviser David Axelrod on This Week if he thought New Hampshire Republican Judd Gregg would withdraw his name from consideration as Obama’s secretary of commerce.

Gerald WalpinAs previously reported by The New American on June 12, President Barack Obama has fired Gerald Walpin, the inspector general who found out that Americorps funds were being misused at Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s St. HOPE Academy. Administration officials tried to strong arm Walpin into leaving quietly, but he would not acquiesce. Obama then claimed that he had lost confidence in Walpin and dismissed him, not even caring that it gave the appearance of punishing Walpin for catching a big Obama supporter in wrongdoing.

Mark SanfordThe story is becoming painfully routine: powerful, charismatic, widely-admired politician and family man admits marital infidelity and is pilloried by the press and by his colleagues. From Gary Hart and Bill Clinton to John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, and now, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, tomcatting American politicians never seem to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

French RevolutionThe Socialist Party of Great Britain is celebrating the reissuing of Peter Taaffe’s book, The Masses Arise: The Great French Revolution 1789 -1815. “Its republication by Socialist Publications, in time for the 220th anniversary of this great event in July 2009, is extremely timely,” says the party’s website.

Obama news conferencePresident Barack Obama praised the efforts of the Federal Reserve Bank during his press conference June 23, telling reporters, “I think that the Fed probably performed better than most other regulators prior to the crisis taking place,” adding that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke “has performed very well.”

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