Cecil RhodesShortly before the opening of the 1995 United Nations World Summit on Social Development in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Commission on Global Governance issued its much-heralded report, Our Global Neighborhood, which was presented as a guiding star to the summit. In the foreword to the report, written by Commission co-chairmen Ingvar Carlson, former socialist president of Sweden, and Shridath Ramphal, former president of the World Conservation Union, we are assured that the Commission on Global Governance is not advocating world government. "The development of global governance is part of the evolution of human efforts to organize life on the planet," write the co-chairmen. "As this report makes clear, global governance is not global government. No misunderstanding should arise from the similarity of terms. We are not proposing movement towards world government...."

Moving conservatism to the left and bringing it closer to prevalent (mainly liberal) public views is a vital element of the neoconservative agenda, replacing the Old Right's objective of changing the prevalent view to one consistent with traditional American, constitutionalist views.

PipebombAs he signed the anti-terrorism bill into law on April 24th, President Clinton insisted that "we have to take additional steps. I believe we must do more to help police keep suspected terrorists under surveillance. I believe we should give law enforcement more time to investigate and prosecute terrorists who use machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and explosive devices." Two days later, as if to illustrate Mr. Clinton's concerns, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) arrested two militia activists in Georgia who allegedly presented a terrorist threat to the summer Olympic Games.

One of the world’s foremost experts in both the theoretical and practical applications of explosives technology, General Benton K. Partin (USAF, retired), expressed very strong misgivings about the “official” story of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Lawyer Kenneth S. Stern's metamorphosis is one of the most remarkable examples of what might be called "Flower Child Fascism" — erstwhile Marxist radicals who now consider political dissent to be sedition, and criticism of an increasingly arrogant federal government to be "anti-government extremism."


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