immigration reformThe new administration's Blueprint for Change devotes four pages to most of the political issues it encompasses, but on immigration there are two. But it says enough to know where Obama intends to take the country. Obama opens the section on immigration with an excerpt from a speech he made in 2007 on the Senate floor where he calls for reuniting immigrant families, implying that he believes the United States needs to continue both "chain migration" — whereby immigrants to the United States are allowed to sponsor an almost endless linkage of family members to become citizens — and enact an amnesty.

CFR"Brilliant," "brainy," "super-smart," and "Wall Street smarts" — these seemed to be some of the recurring words used to describe President-elect Barack Obama's two top economic picks — Timothy Geithner, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, for sectretary of the Treasury; and former Secretary Treasury Lawrence Summers for National Economic Council director. The praise for Geithner and Summers did not just come from Democrats. According to USA Today, "'Brilliant,' 'outstanding' and 'exceptionally talented' were some of the words used to describe [Obama's] two top choices ... and that came from Republicans."

Obama at podiumBarack Obama's and Joe Biden's own records and agendas show the direction they have in mind for the nation.

Obama visiting BushThe team Barack Obama has begun assembling suggests that, in terms of substance, the incoming administration may not be that different from the outgoing.

Obama "We must act quickly and we must act boldly to transform our entire economy — from our cars and our fuels to our factories and our buildings," writes Barack Obama on his campaign website in the introduction to his energy section, as part of his Blueprint for Change. He also outlines some of his proposals for the environment and the energy situation, which include everything from increasing taxes on oil companies so that he can redistribute the money to new energy industries to implementing an economy-wide "cap-and-trade" system for carbon emissions.

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