Ron PaulAlthough he officially abandoned his presidential bid last summer, Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s star continues to brighten. Once shunned by the mainstream media and marginalized by the national leadership of the Republican Party, the modest Ob-Gyn-turned-congressman has become something of an éminence grise these days, feted and fawned over by the likes of Fox News, which once dismissed him as a quack.

Former Bush administratorturetion officials are trying to manipulate the text of Justice Department ethics report from behind the scenes, according to the May 6 Washington Post. But of more interest is the Post report that torture memo author John Yoo signed a nondisclosure agreement about public comments on the reputedly 200-page report that was drafted beginning in January of this year.

With the impending retirement of Justice David Souter from the Supreme Court, speculation was rampant over the weekend on TV talk shows and other news outlets about who President Obama’s new Supreme Court justice nominee will be.

Virginia FoxxBack during Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, we became acquainted with the term “human shields.” This was the name given to innocent citizens whom the Iraqis would place in buildings that were obvious military targets so as to confront the West with a dilemma: either refrain from bombing such facilities and handicap yourself militarily or endure a public-relations disaster for “targeting” innocent women and children.

UNITASMarines and sailors from a dozen different countries stormed a beach close to Jacksonville, displaying Mexican, Colombian, and other foreign flags. The operation was part of UNITAS — Latin for unity — a program with several objectives, including an increase in “interoperability.”

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