Bipartisan chicanery marked passage of the federal budget through Congress last week, with the Democrats using statistical deceit to hide deficit figures and the Republicans allowing the budget to pass without a fight while posing as dogged opponents of the massive deficit spending bill.

Republican budgetA full week after House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) jumped in front of the cameras and proclaimed “here it is, Mr. President,” on the Republican budget alternative, the House Republicans have finally released some of the details of their fiscal plan. But the details the Republicans unveiled on April 1 show they are strongly in favor of continuing huge annual deficits and piling up the national debt in a big way: they just want to do it at a rate of about $100 billion less per year than Obama.

Arne DuncanPresident Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that $44 billion is being released in the first round of the stimulus money-grabbing contest for schools.

The New York Times calls the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act the "largest expansion of government-sponsored service programs since President John F. Kennedy first called for the creation of a national community service corps in 1963." As anything that's created under the Kennedy name, the bill involves ever-bigger government. It authorizes what President Obama ominously calls an "army of 250,000 Corps members" who will serve in paid positions of national service, more than triple the 75,000 now in AmeriCorps.

President Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Legal Counsel, Yale-educated Dawn Johnsen, was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 19, after a hearing that lacked true intensive questioning. She awaits a full Senate vote before leading the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel as the assistant attorney general.

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