When it comes to many of the "anti-terror" policies and laws being fastened upon us, the "cure" may be more deadly than the disease.

As a presidential hopeful, Senator John Kerry touts his military experience. But 30 years ago he led anti-war protests and marched alongside revolutionary Communists.

In October 1984, the American public was suddenly assaulted with the appalling reality of the Ethiopian famine, one of the terrible disasters of our age. Shocking images of thousands of skeletal men, women, and children perishing in abject misery stirred compassion and generated an outpouring of private and official aid to the beleaguered country.

With William F. Buckley and Irving Kristol to the fore, neoconservatives are piping a tune that is leading America down the path of internationalism and socialism.

For decades, America’s presidents have been under the sway of the internationalist Council on Foreign Relations, and George W. Bush is no exception to the rule.

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