Elizabeth Warren couldn’t successfully claim American Indian identity. But she has claimed a statistical tie for first place in the 2020 Democratic nomination race with front-runner Joe Biden in a new national poll.

VIDEO - In this episode of Duke's Take, Dr. Pesta talks about the double standards that exist following the death of billionaire, pedophile, and democratic supporter Jeffrey Epstein. Pesta points out the silence from the media about Epstein's large support and donations to the Democratic Party for decades, whereas they would be crying from the rooftops about his political affiliation if he supported the Republican Party.

The president’s daughter has been in touch with members of Congress to prepare the ground for universal background checks and other gun controls.

Elizabeth Warren, once thought dead as a presidential candidate, is making a move in Iowa as Joe Biden can't seem to get out of his own way.

After the New York Times accidentally ran a headline accurately stating, “TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM,” the newspaper of record had to go into damage-contol mode.

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