President Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen has started to sing like a bird to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Yet the oh-so shocking tune that has got the media all aflutter amounts to this: that the world’s biggest real-estate developer sought to do business in the world’s biggest country, Russia.

Michael Avenatti, the flamboyant, trash-talking lawyer, is in trouble again.

A new study shows that Democrats really do talk down to minorities, whereas white Republicans speak essentially the same way to both white and non-white audiences.

For Nancy Pelosi, getting the endorsement of Democratic leaders for speaker of the House was easy, but a chorus of Democratic Party youngsters have promised to make the vote before the whole House on January 3 much closer.

Hillary Clinton thinks Donald Trump is a racist, and said so in no uncertain terms to The Guardian, the leftist British newspaper that itself, like the American media, has repeatedly attacked Trump as a racist.

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