WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview that, contrary to the claims of the Obama administration, Russia was not the source of the tens of thousands of e-mails WikiLeaks released exposing the seamy side of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Assange also said the Obama administration is “trying to delegitimize the [incoming] Trump administration.”

On Monday the Washington Post expended 2,000 words in a lengthy correction for errors made in its original 1,500-word article claiming there was a Russian attempt to hack a Vermont utility.

Donald Trump’s election, and his nomination of some small-government, freedom-oriented aides, ushers in hope that smothering government will be curtailed. Here’s what we’d do.

University of Michigan faculty members J. Alex Halderman and Matt Bernhard, both computer scientists, stated that in their limited recounts, they found no evidence that the election was hacked. But, they emphasized, that was not the same as finding solid affirmation that the election wasn't hacked.

Rangel's moral, eithical, and political lapses, failures, and shortcomings are legendary.

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