Is the abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by senior Obama administration officials “worse than Watergate,” as one prominent congressman put it? If some observers are correct, it's far worse.

Exhibit A as to why Americans distrust and despise “the media”: The establishment media’s ridiculous implosion over First Lady Melania Trump’s attire at her husband’s first State of the Union address.

Porn star Stormy Daniels has denied any affair with Donald Trump, but it continues to be a big story with the liberal media.

The highly political Grammys all-time low ratings are why presidents don’t sing the State of the Union address: It makes your endeavor an example of rising to the level of your own incompetence. This straying-from-the-script phenomenon was well epitomized by Hillary Clinton’s pre-taped appearance at the music awards, where she joined others in reading excerpts from Fire and Fury, the Trump tell-all book that’s so much of a tell-all it even tells lies.   

Representative Paul Gosar said illegal alien “Dreamers” at the State of the Union speech should be arrested, and commentator Ann Coulter would have included those congressmen who invited them. 

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