If you believe some of the pundits, Onward Together, Hillary Clinton’s new super-PAC supporting the usual “progressive” causes, is a platform to launch the 2020 Clinton for President campaign.

In Donald Trump's choice of a new Supreme Court judge, there are no bad choices, just expedient ones.

Ronald Reagan once quipped that politics is the second-oldest career and bears a striking resemblance to the oldest. In the decades since he made that observation, it has been demonstrated to be more true with each passing year. Case in point: the hypocritical fervor surrounding the resignation of EPA boss Scott Pruitt. Politics — not principles — have guided the entire affair.

“Yesterday’s radicalism is today’s moderation to us,” is the message of many Democrats. Just consider that some of their members have recently made extremist rabble-rouser Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) their party’s standard bearer, labeled avowed socialist senator Bernie Sanders a “neoliberal shill” and a “moderate,” and have called a race-card-playing NYC socialist who aims to abolish ICE “the future of our party.”

Many establishment conservatives — some of them former Republicans — are now rooting for the Democrats in the fall elections. Is it anti-Trump derangement or showing their true colors?

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