While CNN president Jeff Zucker says that viewers trust his network “more than ever,” now there’s even less reason to do so. For CNN has now has done it again, presenting a fake National Enquirer cover as real.

On the heels of the CNN "fake news" scandal, the AP is now guilty of similar mis-reporting. Why don't they just admit they are on a secular-progressive team and quit pretending that they are objective?

A temporary travel ban on people from six terrorist-spawning nations took effect Thursday evening — with a few asterisks.

Another Project Veritas video exposing CNN’s lack of journalistic integrity was released Friday. The video shows Jimmy Carr, associate producer for CNN’s New Day, admitting that CNN has a left-leaning bias and hates President Trump. He also says that American voters are “stupid as s**t.” Furthermore the video shows that CNN practices selective editing to promote a false narrative.

“Far-right” terrorism is a vastly bigger threat than the jihadist variety, claims a recent study. Yet under its methodology, founders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson could be considered “terrorists.”

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