James Damore, the former Google software engineer who was fired in August, has filed a class-action suit against the Internet giant, alleging discrimination against white, male, and conservative employees.  

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced he would be running for Senator Jeff Flake’s seat in the upcoming primary.

A Seattle "sweetened beverage tax" has caused prices to skyrocket on popular drinks. And while many doctors say Americans should avoid sugary drinks, the tax is a prime example of the "Nanny State" gone mad and is likely to fail, as did its many predecessors.

It's a case of truth being stranger than fiction: After Oprah Winfrey’s Sunday speech at the Golden Globe awards, there’s serious talk about her running for the White House.

Senator Rand Paul appeared on TV and spoke about his recovery from being assaulted last November and why he is opposing permanent reauthorization of Section 702 of FISA.

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