VIDEO - Donald Trump has his mind set on retired General John F. Kelly to serve as Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. Immigration expert Andy Ramirez covers Kelly’s credentials for the position along with statements given by various entities on the General. Ramirez also goes into details about what kind of changes we can expect with General Kelly at the helm of DHS.

Will Mick Mulvaney be able to restore budgetary and fiscal sanity in our country? Or will he end up as did Reagan's Budget Director David Stockman?

The "fake news" meme is being perpetrated by the political and media elites that have been the worst practitioners of malicious propaganda and disinformation.

Some still are not accepting the results of the presidential election, even resorting to death threats and other forms of intimidation against presidential electors set to vote on Monday, December 19.

Just as Representative Keith Ellison was getting comfortable as the front runner for chair of the Democratic National Committee, along came Labor Secretary Tom Perez to challenge him for the position.

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