Senator Lindsey Graham unloaded on Kavanaugh's enemies again on ABC’s This Week, promising to find out who leaked Christine Blasey Ford’s unsubstantiated accusation of attempted rape.

California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed legislation that would have created a state advisory group to study the dissemination of “fake news” on the Internet, deeming such a group “not necessary.”

Smearing a U.S. Supreme Court nominee with a cloudy accusation of attempted rape is a tough way to raise money. But Christine Blasey Ford, the psychology professor who leveled that charge against Brett Kavanaugh, has done it.

The key question regarding the newest FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh's past is this: What will this probe, limited to less than seven days and “current credible allegations,” find out that the first six investigations didn’t?

Texas Republican John Cornyn was right to accuse the Democrats of having "no sense of decency" in their smear of Judge Kavanaugh, but he was wrong to use a smear of the late Senator Joe McCarthy to make his point.

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