Twitter is notorious for hiding its bias with “shadow banning.” But its CEO, Jack Dorsey, has now ventured a bit from the shadows, more overtly revealing his bias by endorsing an article calling for the GOP’s destruction and the “Californification” of the whole country.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's record, as he begins his countdown to retirement, is lackluster to say the least. Will his successor be any better?

The Left’s push against the Second Amendment is having the opposite effect, as more Americans are signing up for training to carry concealed weapons and gun sales in general are on the rise.

The revolutionary movements surging across the political landscape may masquerade under the rubric of “grassroots organizing,” but they are completely synthetic AstroTurf.

Austen Fletcher of Fleccas Talks recently released a video featuring actors cold reading gun facts off of a teleprompter. “The goal was to really open people’s minds and give them middle-of-the-road basic facts, and see how they take them,” Fletcher said.

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