Paul’s vote against the GOP-backed budget resolution, which maintains the big-spending status quo, indicates that the senator is willing to go against his party's leadership, even if it means he is the only Republican senator doing so.

Representative Frederica Wilson called President Trump’s condolence call to a Gold Star widow “horrible” and “insensitive,” but Chief of Staff John Kelly defended the call.

The liberal mainstream media has spent more than a year claiming that Trump — both as a candidate and as president — colluded with Russia in business deals and back-room deals that have never materialized. Now that there is proof positive that their darling, Hillary Clinton, is guilty of colluding with Russia, those same liberal mainstream media are either silent on the subject or making weak attempts to whitewash yet another Clinton scandal.

It appears that Sanders wants to redistribute the wealth in the United States, giving government enormous power.

As Mueller’s inquiry advances, charges that he is a partisan political operative closely aligned with former FBI Director James Comey may build to the point where President Trump has grounds for firing Mueller and ending what Trump has characterized as his “no evidence” Russian Collusion “witch hunt.”

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