Having lost the presidency while winning the popular vote twice since 2000, the Democrats were already having a hissy fit over the Electoral College. Now that they’ve seized control of the lower chamber of Congress but have nonetheless lost ground in its upper one, some leftists are intensifying another complaint: The Senate is undemocratic and should be ended as we know it.

Once again showing that those preaching tolerance most are the most intolerable, popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson has become the latest victim of left-wing street-mob (in)justice.

Republicans are understandably disappointed in the loss of the House of Representatives — but there are some good things about it for constitutional conservatives to consider.

Trump's loss of the House will likely lead to gridlock, which the stock market likes, and successful efforts to continue to return America's judicial system to its constitutional foundation.

Jim Acosta’s nonstop mouth finally got him in trouble. Unsurprisingly, the leftist media is mewling uncontrollably.

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